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Frozen Heat by Richard Castle

As Jameson Rook recovers from his gun shot wound, Nikki Heat's world is rocked when her latest murder case connects back to the crime that led her to become a cop: her mother's unsolved murder. Relying on her colleagues at the precinct for help after being stonewalled by her new, publicity-hungry Captain, Wally Irons, the investigation brings back painful memories for Nikki, dredges up old secrets, and leads her and Rook into the shadowy world of international espionage where old friends may just turn out to be enemies.

Lipstick On Your Collar by Dennis Potter - New Characters & Plot Variations By J.D. Taylor

In the last days of the National Service in the UK, two young men - Private Frank Francis, an awkward, socially stunted Welsh-born orphan, and Private Mick Hopper, a confidently rebellious individual - dream of an existance beyond the walls of the War Office, an institution they find dull, one that involves Rock & Roll (Mick's passion) and modern poetry (Frank's passion). However, in the pursuit of these interests, they end up falling for the wrong girls. Can they rectify their errors on this score and end up with the young ladies they are actually meant to be with?

Alf (2014) by Based on the television series created by Paul Fusco and Tom Patchett

After his home planet is destroyed. An alien crash lands on Earth and takes residence with an American family and they agree to hide and protect him from the American Government.

Quick Before They Catch Us by Unknown - Additional New Characters & Plot Variations By J.D. Taylor

It is London, 1966. Three older teenagers - Katherine 'Kate' Lepworth, Mark Dennison & Johnny Martin - who witness a crime being committed are framed by the perpretrator: one of their university tutors, Professor Bryan Ambleton. Unable to prove their innocence before they are charged, the three of them jump bail and go on the run, determined to expose the crooked academic in some illegal activity in order to clear the name. In their bid to do so, they help to bring down the scheme to smuggle escaped killers to the Soviet Union to be trained as KGB assassins, led ...

Ace Of Wands by Trevor Preston - New Characters & Plot By J.D. Taylor

In the summer of 2002, whilst out on the beach in a coastal town, an eleven year-old girl from Knightsbridge, Lillian Palmer - the daughter of an aristocrat - meets an enigmatic but eccentric boy, who answers to the nickname 'Tarot'. His name is really Graham Little, the son of an aspiring clairvoyant and palmist, Francesca, who raised him by herself when her husband walked out on her. Graham is, like Lillian, staying at the same caravan park. Whilst they are chatting, a small rock plummets onto the sand, which is coated in a strange substance, which they get on ...

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