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Mad Max: Fury Road (1989) by George Miller

What if it was made in 1989?

Woody Woodpecker by Walter Lantz and Universal Pictures

Based on the character by Walter Lantz. The story of Woody Woodpecker with his pal horse, Sugarfoot. He met Winnie to his nephew and his niece, Splinter and Knothead. The villains are Wally Walrus, Mrs. Meany, and Buzz Buzzard. He met his friend, Gabby Gator who was hungry for the woodpecker. Woody is going to be on the vacation with his niece and nephew for San Francisco, California before he met the human 10-year-old boy, Clifford Maxwell, a shy, soft, silent, nervous, and calm. Clifford runs away from the bullies about the money to the garbage dump by them and ...

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (TV Mini-Series) by Edmund Morris and HBO Films and Red Wagon Entertainment

From the book of Theodore Roosevelt trilogy by Edmund Morris and the Academy Award winning the director of The King's Speech. From the theme song of "TR: The Story of Theodore Roosevelt" by Michael Bacon and the composer of John Debney. From the writers of Good Will Hunting and the producer of 12 Years a Slave. The story of Theodore Roosevelt from his childhood to the President of the United States to 1912 Presidential Election to his death.

The Count of Monte Cristo (2012) by Alexandre Dumas and Jay Wolpert

The Count of Monte Cristo made 10 years later

National Treasure (2014) by Walt Disney Pictures

National Treasure made 10 years later.

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