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Madeline's Grave by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

MADELINE'S GRAVE is an emotional one-off British drama. James Kent is an DIY store employee in his early 40's whom is happily married for 11-years to his wife, Alice, an florist and they have a 10-year old son named Danny. But James's marriage to Alice is soon shattered, when James's former girlfriend Heather Wright (Whose relationship with James ended long before he met and married Alice) shows up on James's doorsteps and reveals to James, a secret she kept from him. They both had a daughter named Madeline whom died when she was born. But, Alice learns about Madeline from ...

Lush Planet by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

LUSH PLANET is a science fiction TV movie. The year is 2094. After his wife passes away. Dominic Lush, an middle-aged scientist decides to leave Earth and live on another planet for a year. Lush manages to stowaway on-board a spaceship with a hyperdrive called "The Pioneer", which goes through hyperspace and arrives in an uncharted part of the galaxy and Lush sneaks into one of the spaceship's escape pods and lands on an uninhabited Earth-like planet. On the planet, Lush soon finds he is not alone and encounters Caith-Jah, an native humanoid and the last of an extinct race. ...

Zardoz by Based on the screenplay by John Boorman.

Mini-series which is a re-imagining of the 1974 film starring Sean Connery. It is 300-years after a post-apocalyptic event brought about the collapse of civilization. Humanity has divided into two separate societies: "Eternals", men and women whom have been immortalized and lives in a place called "The Vortex", which has been cut off and isolated from the rest of the world by an invisible wall and The Eternals, led by their leader: The scientist May, preserves what is left of civilization and bring law, order and balance to their community. And "The Exterminators", a tribe of barbarian warriors, whom live ...

Forbidden Love by Daniel Williamson (Storyline), William Shakespeare ("Romeo and Juliet" inspiration).

FORBIDDEN LOVE is a one-off 6-part British mini series, which is inspired by the classic William Shakespeare play ROMEO AND JULIET. FORBIDDEN LOVE centers around two modern day rival wealthy families: The Barrons (John, the patriarch. Francis, the matriarch. Kelly, the daughter. Richard, Kelly's cousin. Maggie, John's mother and Wilson, their butler) and The Creeds (Jeffrey, the patriarch. Paula, the matriarch. Ben, the son. Laurence, Ben's cousin and Bill, their butler). As the two families feud with each other, when The Barron's daughter Lydia commits suicide, when her fiancee, the estranged member of the Creed family, Christopher, broke her heart, ...

Helen of Sparta by Adapted from the poem by Homer.

HELEN OF SPARTA is an epic mini-series, which is a new retelling of the poem by Homer. During the invasion of Troy. Helen, wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta, is taken prisoner and is brought back to Troy. As Menelaus decides to send his brother King Agamemnon of Mycenae, his best warrior Achillies and his loyal army to Troy to rescue Helen. Helen, is forced by the King of Troy, Priam to marry his oldest son, Hector. But, Helen falls in love with Hector's brother Paris and Helen and Paris become forbidden lovers. As Agamennon and Achillies, whom are soon ...

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