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CONCRETE by Tristan Hartup

Former pro athlete Danny Rothart and his journalist fiancé August are fast approaching their wedding day, but both are held back by their contradictions: Danny spends his days alone longing for his glory days and his former playboy lifestyle, August is a determined workaholic giving herself no free time and trying really hard to achieve her hopes and dreams. So, behind each other's backs, they decide to go off and explore their own personal desires, until the harsh consequences begin to sink in. MPAA Rating: Rated NC-17 for some explicit sexual content. Supporting Characters: Oliver Dansen - August's charismatic editor ...

How to Marry a Millionaire by Zoe Akins, Dale Eunsoa & Katherine Albert

Three gorgeous models rent an expensive penthouse and hatch an elaborate plan to catch rich husbands.

Paul Thomas Anderson's Her by Spike Jonze

What if Paul Thomas Anderson directed Her?

David O. Russell's Her by Spike Jonze

What if David O. Russell directed Her?

And There it Lies by John Tyler

In a European village long ago, a young, beautiful librarian befriends a charming, audacious Irishman who travels frequently from town to town. Several citizens have been murdered recently and detectives have been struggling to find out who, or what, killed them. It turns out that dangerous supernatural creatures are terrorizing the village and collecting human blood, which they will use to resurrect their master, who lies dead in a mysterious underworld. As a romance blossoms between the librarian and the Irishman, they and others must do whatever it takes to survive the wrath of the creatures. MPAA Rating: R for ...

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