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Panic Attack by J.D. Taylor

Two sisters, Georgina and Janette Roberts, from England, arrive in California to visit a distant relative who is dying. En route, an odd, rather disturbed hitch-hiker called Jerry, asks for a lift to Sacramento, but when his behaviour proves too much for them, the siblings bring a halt to his journey and eject him from the vehicle. He threatens to hunt them down wherever they go. Some time later, the car starts to run out of fuel and the young women are forced to stay the night at a Delta sorority house, which exposes them to a culture they are ...

The Root Of All Evil by J.D. Taylor

Four young women, who grew up in care together and shared the pain of not being selected for adoption, decide to spend a weekend camping out in the Lake District. However, their excursion takes a terrifying diversion when a man brandishing a machine gun and his girlfriend, who is in possession of a handgun, threaten to kill them, unless they let them take charge of the camper van. After two hours of driving relentlessly, almost running over a mother and her baby, plus two OAPs, in the process, an argument breaks out between the couple who have committed an armed ...

Birthday Cake by J.D. Taylor

On her sixteenth birthday, Fiona Stockwell is sexually abused by one of the care workers, Roy Bagnell, at the children's home she resides at. She tells her social worker, Olivia Waters, what has happened, but she has old-fashioned views about such accusations and refuses to believe her. Later that afternoon, Fiona decies to have it out with the man who raped her: the confrontation leads to him being stabbed. Fearing serving a prison term, she runs away. Circumstances lead to her meeting up with journalist and author Simon Hollis. In spite of the age difference, ...

What The Violin Whispers by J.D. Taylor

The shared love of music and drama leads to two Salford University students from vastly different backgrounds - David Russell and Hannah Stanholme-Brunswick - becoming engaged. However, there is oppositon to them heading down the aisle from both families. In spite of this situation, David and Hannah are still determined to get married, but there is another obstacle - their individual careers start to rank higher in terms of their priorities, and the question they now face is whether either of them would give up their creative ambitions for the sake of love.

The Lion's Share by J.D. Taylor

Adrian Stapleton, a British billionaire and widower, dies, and he leaves everything to his two daughters - Charlotte(34) & Evelyn(29). However, the announcement of his passing in the obituary column of every national newspaper in the UK leads to the revelation that he is the father of six other daughters and four sons, having made ten women pregnant from clandestine extra-marital affairs, coming to light at his wake. A few hours later, a second will and testament is found by the late man's solicitor, Michael Strand. In it, he promises that one of his childrem will inherit all of his ...

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