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Much wanted sequel to the 2012 cult classic Dredd. An intense investigation into a series of savagely aberrant murders forces Judge Dredd and his partner Cassandra Anderson to go beyond the boundary walls of Mega City One and into the desolate wasteland where they encounter an ancient figure with a personal score to settle. MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong bloody brutal violence, grisly disturbing images, language and brief nudity.

Downton Abbey: The Final Chapter Pt 5 - 2010-2012 by J.D Taylor - Based on the characters created by Julian Fellowes - New characters by J.D Taylor

It is 2010. The line of Crawley family succession has been broken by the death of the late Lord George's daughter and son-in-law. Because Hannah's son, Alistair was disinherited due to marriage to a young woman from a working class background, Helen, their daughter - Amy - is unaware of the dynasty she is the descendant of. When her parents are killed, she uncovers the truth about her ancestors. With the lease on the building that used to be the Abbey is about to pass into private hands again, Amy makes it her mission to reclaim the home where the ...

Downton Abbey: The Final Chapter Pt 4 - 1962-1964 by J.D Taylor - Based on the characters created by Julian Fellowes - New characters by J.D Taylor

With the death of his mother, Lady Mary Abbott, George, now in his forties, has been weighing up the future and how much longer his family home can be successfully run. His only daughter, Hannah is about to marry Captain Jonathan Hiller, and, with the exception of Sybil and the remaining household staff, the house is seeming emptier and less the hive of aristocratic family life it had been when his mother had been a young woman herself. Marigold has finally chosen the life of an author and playwright in New York. In spite of his and his cousin's efforts ...

Downton Abbey: The Final Chapter Pt 3 - 1953-1955 by J.D Taylor - Based on the characters created by Julian Fellowes

A new era has dawned with the crowning of Queen Elizabeth II. Meanwhile, George has finally gotten married to the Right Hon. Margaret Evans. Spurred on by the efforts of Margaret Roberts to represent the constituency of Finchley, Sybil has decided to enter politics too, but this puts her relationship with Martin under strain. Eventually, the two of them end their secret engagement. Her efforts come to nothing as she fails to win the constituency of Lancaster, the town she wanted to represent in the House of Commons. The end of rationing brings a glimmer of hope to the fortunes ...

Downton Abbey: The Final Chapter Pt 2 - 1945-1946 by J.D Taylor - Based on the characters created by Julian Fellowes - New characters by J.D Taylor

The Second World War is over. George Crawley returns to Downton Abbey. However, certain things have changed. With the British economy facing a long struggle to rebuild itself, some of the staff have been laid off to meet the cost of the running the household. Marigold and Sybil have come up with a plan, but Mary feels the idea is too radical and will destroy the Abbey's reputation. The situation becomes more complicated when history repeats itself and Sybil falls for the butler's son, Martin, who is also the chauffeur. Will old-fashioned class prejudices threaten to tear the family apart?

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