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Titanic (1988) by James Cameron

What if Titanic was released back in the early 80's ? What would've been ? These characters are alot different than this one

S U P E R G I R L by Otto Binder/Al Pastino - New characters & plot variations by J.D. Taylor

It is 1954 and a trip out to the coast for the girls of St Anthony's Girls' School, Sussex turns out to be eventful, as well as life-changing for one of the girls, fifteen year-old Lydia Danvers, the orphaned daughter of a friend of the establishment's headmistress, Mrs Glenda Wilcott. A lump of Kryptonite that had been drifitng through space enters Earth's atmosphere and crashes near the destination of the coach load of pupils. Obeying her curious and inquisitive manner, Lydia exposes herself to the energy coming forth from the meteorite. That evening, the radiation she absorbed starts to dramatically ...

Seniors by J.D. Taylor

It is the last year for the seniors at Bluewater High School, San Francisco. It is not just their education that they are dealing with, they are facing their hopes, ambitions and romantic issues, all three of which are changing their outlook on life from what it had been when they were sophemores.

The Moondancers by J.D. Taylor

At the start of their final year at UCLA, six Delta sorority sisters take an oath to find themselves potential husbands before they all graduate. Yet, with the complexities of life and love entering into the equasion, fulfilling their shared vow may not be as easy as it first seemed.

Darkwing Rises by The Walt Disney Company

A reboot rather than a continuation of the existing continuity. The first of what at the very least would be a trilogy, if not more. The film will have live-action sets and backgrounds, but the characters will be CGI created with performance capture. Drake Mallard is an arrogant wise-duck living in St. Canard who flunks his college courses, is unable to hold onto a job or relationship, and is prone to shooting his beak off and getting into fist-fights, losing more than he wins. Drake is in love with Morgana, a vivacious and resourceful duck who is a fellow student ...

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