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Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon by Stanley Kubrick

Considered the greatest movie never made, who would have been cast in Stanley Kubrick's epic Napoleon, had it been made in 1969?

Christopher Nolan's The Fighter by David O. Russell

What if Christopher Nolan directed The Fighter?

Hulkamania: The Hulk Hogan Story by WWE

A tale of how Hulk Hogan become the most iconic and greatest wrestler of all-time. From his fierce battle with André the Giant, Real-Life Rivalries with Macho Man Randy Savage, Pass the torch to The Ultimate Warrior, Defend America from Sgt. Slaughter, His time at WCW as NWO Leader and his greatest match with The Rock At the end, Hulk Hogan was indict to Hall of Fame by Sylvester Stallone

The Imitation Game (1994) by Morten Tyldum

The Imitation Game made 20 years earlier.


Paul William Walker IV (September 12, 1973 – November 30, 2013) was an American actor. He began his career guest-starring in several television shows such as The Young and the Restless and Touched by an Angel. Walker gained prominence with breakout roles in coming-of-age and teen films such as She's All That and Varsity Blues. In 2001, Walker gained international fame for playing Brian O'Conner, one of the lead protagonists in the street racing action film The Fast and the Furious, and would reprise the role in its sequels. He was also in films such as Eight Below, Into the ...

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