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X-MEN 4 by Stan Lee

The X-Men battle the Hellfire Club, Graydon Creed begins his anti-mutant crusade, and a fallen hero is revealed to be captured by an old enemy.

Freddy Vs The Mask by Chuck Russel and Frank Darabont

Freddy Krueger needs to find a new way to torture the kids on Elm Street and decides to go search for the Mask of Loki. But Stanley Ipkiss once again stumbles upon the Mask and will keep it away from the claws of Freddy. If Freddy gets the Mask, all hope is lost.

Police Academy 8: The New Mission by Warner Brothers/ Sequel Idea

Lucas Emery is what you call a common juvenile delinquent in the city of Los Angeles. During a attempt to shoplift an electronics store he is apprehended by LAPD. At his trial the judge gives him 2 choices, ether go to jail or join the Police Academy. Lucas decides that the Academy would be better than jail so he picks it. Under the supervision of Commandant Thaddus Harris, his stay at the Police Academy would be an interesting and hilarious experience.

The Simpsons Adventures: Bartman vs. Sideshow Bob by N.Acosta and A.Brato

A live-action movie when Bart puts on his mask and with his friends figth against a very misterious criminal that keeps his/her identitity secret in a mask... but... is he/she an already-known danger for him and the town??? But Bart isnĀ“t alone: His sister and friends will help him to end with this menace... NOTE:The words beetween parentheses means the heroichal denomination of some characeters in this movie...

Mission: Impossible IV by Bruce Geller

The fourth installment in the Mission: Impossible film franchise. While on a mission Ethan Hunt finds and frees Jim Phelps who was thought to have been dead and a rouge in the original film. Freed Phelps seeks to help Ethan take down the organization that had kidnapped him and kept him as a hostage for years, and put a mole into the organization disgracing his name. Phelps gathers members of his old team back together, Barney unable to join since he died a while after the events of the first movie, and with Ethan's teams aid go to take down ...

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