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Team Fortress by Valve

In the world of espionage and warfare, there are two opposing sides who rule to roost: BLU and RED. Based upon the popular video game Team Fortress 2, follow members from both sides as they fight against each other for domination.

The Powerpuff Girls by Craig McCracken

A professor, upon trying to create the perfect little girls, accidentaly adds an accidental dose of Chemical X, which transforms the girls into superheroes, where they protect the city of Townsville from a variety of villains, including Mojo Jojo, Princess Morbucks, Him and Sedusa.

Hot Fuzz the Television Series by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg (Characters), Daniel Williamson (Idea)

HOT FUZZ THE TELEVISION SERIES is a British Action Comedy show, which is a spin-off TV Series based on the hit Action spoof starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Continuing where we left off from HOT FUZZ, HOT FUZZ THE TELEVISION SERIES is the continuing hilarious chronichles of Top London policeman Sgt. Nicolas Angels and his well-meaning partner, PC Danny Butterman, as they enforce the law and fight crime on the streets of the village Sanford, with help from fellow laid-back police officers: Detectives Andy Wainwright and Andy Cartwright and policewoman Doris Thatcher...

The Transporter: The Television Series by Based on characters created by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. Daniel Williamson (Idea)

THE TRANSPORTER: THE TELEVISION SERIES is a Action series based on the TRANSPORTER films starring Jason Statham and Francois Berleand. THE TRANSPORTER: THE TELEVISION SERIES is set before THE TRANSPORTER (2002) and bridges the gaps between THE TRANSPORTER (2002), TRANSPORTER 2 (2005) and TRANSPORTER 3 (2008) as THE TRANSPORTER THE TELEVISION SERIES chronichles the untold stories of Ex Soldier turned Hired Driver Frank Martin, as he delievers packages and cargos without question, and the pilot episode also reveals how Frank first became ''The Transporter'' and what led him to meet his trusted friend, French police detective Inspector Tarconi...

Next Avengers : Heroes of Tomorrow by Chris Yost

Set several decades into the future, the children of the Avengers are taken care of by an aged Tony Stark. But then events cause the one villain that killed off the Avengrs. And leaving the children to save the world.

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