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One Million Years B.C by Michael Carreras (Writer), George Baker, Joseph Frickett and Mickell Novack

Caveman Tumak is banished from his savage tribe. He finds a brief home among a group of gentle seacoast dwelling cave people until he is banished for them as well. Missing him, one of their women, Loana leaves with him, deciding to face the harsh prehistoric world with it's monsters and volcanos as a couple...

Alpha Centauri by Sid Meier

As the earth is laid to waste by war, the United Nations launches a starship to Chiron, a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri capable of supporting life. But when the ship's captain is assassinated, seven officers create new factions, and the dream of unity is lost. Meanwhile, the planet seems to have a mind of its own.

The Secret on NIMH by Don Bluth

In a Remake of the 1982 animated film, Mrs. Brisby is a lion hearted mouse desperate to move her family out of the way of a farmer's plow. But along the way, she enlists the help of a group of rats who hold secrets about her late husband, Jonathan Brisby.

Robbie Rocketpants by Daniel Williamson (Idea) Rob Grant and Doug Naylor (''Red Dwarf'')

ROBBIE ROCKETPANTS is a computer animated spin-off series of RED DWARF that is in the tradition of science fiction fantasy comic strips such as FLASH GORDON, DAN DARE and BUCK ROGERS. Robbie Rocketpants is a intergalactic hero who comes from Earth in the year 5000, who wears jet-powered rocket pants. Teamed up with his sidekick, Junior Birdman, a humanoid hawkman, Robbie helps the Interplanetary space fleet defend Earth and the galaxy from the evil space queen, Princess Mentha and her army of robots who are hell bent on universal conquest...

STELLA STAR by Luigi Cozzi and Nat Wachsberger (Characters ''Starcrash''), Daniel Williamson (Idea)

STELLA STAR is a Saturday Space Adventure series which is a spin-off of the 1978 film STARCRASH. STELLA STAR is across between STAR WARS and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, but is different from the 1978 film. In a distant galaxy far, far, away... Stella Star is a beautiful and sexy female smuggler who is the Galactic Police Force's most wanted fugitive. With help from sidekick and fellow co-pilot Akton (Who Stella helped escape from a prison planet), Stella finds herself in allsorts of intergalactic adventures as she finds herself fighting against the evil Count Zarth Arn and most of the time ...

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