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Galaxy III: Heart of the Sun by Diego Tutweiller

The war has been lost, but the battle for humanity continues. Eight years after Ento captured Earth, in the process murdering millions of innocent civilians, Joe has been blinded and put in a prison on the massive world of Borminalus-- a planet that now serves as a concentration camp for all of humanity. But when Jane returns to break Joe out and prevent Ento from committing the largest genocide in the history of the world, Joe must once again step up to battle Ento and his forces. If he and his ragtag group of free humans aren't up to the ...

Galaxy II: Infinite Empire by Diego Tutweiller

The battle for the future of the galaxy continues to rage. Ento, having convinced his supporters that he is a demigod and is undefeatable, has rallied massive support among aliens throughout the galaxy. But fortunately for humanity, someone is fighting back: Joe, Jane, 5-Shot, and their group of justice workers have been assigned to a massive frigate set out to destroy the alien threat. But Joe becomes conflicted as he falls for a mysterious alien woman named Flora, in the process alienating 5-Shot and breaking Jane's heart. After he refuses to firebomb a town of innocent aliens, he is jailed ...

Galaxy I: The Bloodstained Lion by Diego Tutweiller

In the distant future, a "justice worker" on the remote desert world of Keyrot named Bloodstain Joe takes down outlaws and bandits indiscriminately. But he and his brother "5-Shot" Bob's lives change when a young girl named Jane, whose parents were killed by bandits, comes into their lives. As Joe and Jane form an unbreakable bond, trouble is brewing in the galaxy-- an alien creature known only as Ento is amassing an army of terrorists to fight back against the systematic oppression of their people by the human-run empire. When Joe is pulled into the forefront of the war against ...

The Invisible Girl by Based On The Characters Created By H.G. Wells - New Characters & Plot Variations By J.D. Taylor

An eccentric billionaire, John Yeltson, funds a unit at Cambridge, comprising of the most promising students in all scientific fields. Amongst them are Roger Bowen, Charlotte "Charley" Desmond and Mia Griffin. The latter member of this specialist team has a side project - that of finding a way of altering the prism of light that triggers the optic nerve's ability to allow a person to see solid objects, so that they become invisible. A test is set-up to prove Mia's theory, but it works too well, as the solid object she managed to make invisible cannot be made visible again. ...

Gemini Girl by Leslie Stevens & Frank Telford - New Characters & Plot Variations By J.D. Taylor

Recently-recruited CIA agent, Samantha Casey is reassigned from her first mission to gather intelligence on a home-grown terrorist group in order to retrieve a malfunctioning US spy satellite, codenamed Gemini, that had crashed into the ocean off the coast of California, so that it can be officially decommissioned and dismantled. Unfortunately, her attempt to remove the front outer frame, automatically triggers its detonation sequence. Samantha moves to a safe distance, but the blast releases a wave of radiation that causes an extraordinary DNA fluctuation - she is rendered invisible. The Pentagon's science division creates a device which allows her to ...

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