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The Dukes Of Hazzard by Gy Waldron & Jerry Rushing - New Characters & Plot Variations By J.D Taylor

Brotherss Bo and Luke Duke are on the run from Sheriff Roscoe again after Boss Hogg frames them for distributing un-taxed tobacco. They evade him but on their way back to their uncle's farm, they discover an empty house filled with immigrants who have fled their country. They help them to get to safety, but they encounter the ruthless businessman who brought them to America - Tyrell Oliver. When Bo and Luke return home, they tell Jesse about what happened, but are distracted by the arrival of their Welsh cousin on Daisy Duke's side of the family - Sally Laughton ...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon

Cast the Buffyverse if it were being remade today. Not that it should be.

American Horror Story: Freak Show by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk

What if the fourth season of American Horror Story was a film?

Some Girls - The Movie by Bernadette Davis - New Plot & Characters By J.D. Taylor

Amber Dean wins a competition she entered online for four people to travel to California, USA. She invites her three best mates - Holli, Saz and Viva - to go with her. Unbeknownst to them, however, whilst they are on the plane heading to that American state, the company funding the package trip is raided by police because of allegations of fraud being made against it. When the four of them arrive at the hotel they were supposed to be staying in, they are told the awful news. The situation gets worse when it becomes clear that they will have ...

Downton Abbey: The Final Chapter Pt 5 - 2010-2012 by J.D Taylor - Based on the characters created by Julian Fellowes - New characters by J.D Taylor

It is 2010. The line of Crawley family succession has been broken by the death of the late Lord George's daughter and son-in-law. Because Hannah's son, Alistair was disinherited due to marriage to a young woman from a working class background, Helen, their daughter - Amy - is unaware of the dynasty she is the descendant of. When her parents are killed, she uncovers the truth about her ancestors. With the lease on the building that used to be the Abbey is about to pass into private hands again, Amy makes it her mission to reclaim the home where the ...

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