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Julie & Dick by Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke

In 1960, Julie Andrews (Carey Mulligan) is on the Broadway with My Fair Lady and Camelot in New York City with Rex Harrison and Richard Burton. In the TV Show of The Dick Van Dyke Show and stars to Dick Van Dyke (Emile Hirsch) with Mary Tyler Moore. In the backstage, Julie met Walt Disney in New York City for Camelot and he asked her to signed for Mary Poppins in the movie. In February 3, 1963, Julie with her husband, Tony Walton in the Walt Disney Studios to meet Dick on the sound stage. They begin to the filming ...

National Treasure (2014) by Walt Disney Pictures

National Treasure made 10 years later.

Strike by Walt Disney Pictures

The story about Art Babbitt was telling Walt Disney wants to not working in the studios. Walt tells to get back to work or kicked him out of the studios before that day later, Babbitt got fired. The animators begin strike with Walt Disney. Herbert Sorrell came in to the Walt Disney Studios. Walt is gone so bad. And as for Ward Kimball, Pinto Colvig, and Ub Iwerks arrived in the studios with Walt Disney. Kimball swings into Babbitt's face for a punch. Colvig takes over to Walt Disney's office. Walt went to South America with Latin American before Walt's ...

Donald Duck: The Movie by Quack Pack

The story of Huey, Dewey, and Louie are 14 years old. Donald Duck and his girlfriend, Daisy Duck are having the summer vacation. As the school principal is something gone wrong with Dewey, he calls Donald about his nephews. Donald grows shocking and making his idea for the summer vacation with his nephews. The big day for the Powerline concert in the whole world.

Ratatouille (live action) by Brad Bird

Live action adaptation of the Disney film.

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