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Billy Batson and the Legend of Shazam! by C. C. Beck and Bill Parker

Young Billy Baston can able to transform into the superhero Captain Marvel, travels the country fighting evil by saying the words SHAZAM has the wisdom of Solomon,the strength of Hercules,the stamina of Atlas,the power of Zeus,the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury with the help of his family.

West Wind by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

West Wind is a Native American-Indian Bounty Hunter and a talented archer. Together with his friend and companion, Martial-Artist Echuu Okumoto, West Wind rides across the Wild West, as they travel from town to town, across the Badlands, the desert wilderness and the mountains. As West Wind and Echuu claim the bounties on the heads of wanted criminals and outlaws and set things right and help towns that are in crisis. Along the way, West Wind and Echuu make a lot of deadly enemies and often seek the council and wisdom of the wise shaman Ghosthawk, and are sometimes helped ...

The Moncrief Sisters by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

THE MONCRIEF SISTERS is a one-off 8-part Western TV series. Each episode is 60 minutes. After witnessing their parents Jim and Dorothy Moncrief and their brother Davey being murdered by the 7 savage killers Bobby Merriman, Byron Sutherland, JJ Hancock, Lewis Drake, Karl Ringo, Luke Van Cleef and Robert Evermore. Two sisters Arlene and Gabrielle are found and raised by outlaw and lone gunfighter Cody Webster, who was in pursuit of the 7 savage killers and is on a personal vendetta of his own against the 7 savage killers who murdered his wife Angela and pinned the crime on him. ...

Man of La Mancha by Dale Wasserman

In the sixteenth century, Miguel de Cervantes, poet, playwright, and part-time actor, has been arrested, together with his manservant, by the Spanish Inquisition. They are accused of presenting an entertainment offensive to the Inquisition. Inside the huge dungeon into which they have been cast, the other prisoners gang up on Cervantes and his manservant, and begin a mock trial, with the intention of stealing or burning his possessions. Cervantes wishes to desperately save a manuscript he carries with him and stages, with costumes, makeup, and the participation of the other prisoners, an unusual defense--the story of Don Quixote.

The Sub Mariner by Bill Everett

Half Atlantean Half Human Prince Namor must save atlantis to be the rightful ruler of the lost city.

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