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The Feydans by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

THE FEYDANS is a new sci-fi action adventure fantasy TV Series. The Year is 2012. One evening in Manchester, England. Samantha Wells, a beautiful hairdresser, whilst walking home, is attacked by a mysterious silver-eyed man and is brutally stabbed-to-death with a knife which has three blades. Waking up in a morgue, Samantha learns she is alive, her stab wounds have healed and her eyes have turned silver, her reflection in the mirror is gone and she is invisible, nobody can see her, nobody can hear her and nobody can touch her and the range of the spectrum of her eyesight ...

Bladehawk by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

BLADEHAWK is a Fantasy Adventure Television series. BLADEHAWK is in-part inspired by the classic 1977 western MANNAJA. As a child, Bladehawk, a mighty warrior, witnessed the evil overlord Kri-Skull (With a crystal skull for a head) murder his father, and Bladehawk swore vengeance on Kri-Skull and vows to destroy him. Now, years later, The beautiful Witch Feyda hires Bladehawk for a quest, learning the quest involves Kri-Skull, Bladehawk sets off on the quest, to find the mysterious Medallion of Merr. Armed with his weapon, ''Dask'', a razor-sharp disc, which he uses instead of a sword. Bladehawk travels across the land ...

The Sword and the Sorcerer by Tom Karnowski, Albert Pyun, John Spencer and John V. Stuckmeyer

A mercenary with a three-bladed sword rediscovers his loyal heritage dangerous future when he is recruited to help a princess foil the designs of a brutal tyrant and a powerful sorcerer in conquering a land...

Fire Emblem by Shouzou Kaga

Marth is prince of Altea and a direct descendant of Anri, the warrior who slew the shadow dragon Medeus. However, after an attack from the neighboring kingdom of Dolhr, Marth is forced to become an exile in the neighboring nation of Talis. His sister Ellis is taken hostage after his father is killed battling the evil priest Gharnef. With the help of the Talisian Princess Caeda and others, Marth embarks on a quest to find the sacred sword known as Falchion and the Fire Emblem that will allow him to wield it. Only then will he be able to confront ...

Virtua Fighter by Sega

Akira Yuki is on a quest to see the eight stars in heaven after he had gotten overconfident in his Bājíquán skills from his days training with his grandfather. Initially traveling to figure out how to see those stars again, he learns that Sarah Bryant was kidnapped by Dural, android-like creature's quest to create the "Perfect Soldier." Akira joins up with other characters in his journey such as Pai Chan, Sarah's brother Jacky Bryant, Lion Rafale, Kage-Maru and Shun Di to save Sarah.

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