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Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb by Matthew Jenner

U.S. President Merkin Muffley is on the hot line to Moscow with some rather embarrassing news for the Soviet premier: "Hello, Dimitri....I'm fine....Now then, you know how we've always talked about the possibility of something going wrong with the bomb....The bomb, Dimitri. The hydrogen bomb....Well, now, what happened is that, uh, one of our base commanders...he went a little funny in the head....and he went and did a silly thing....He ordered his planes to attack your country." A comedy about an accidental nuclear attack? One that ends with total annihilation, thermonuclear apocalypse? Preposterous! Stanley Kubrick thought otherwise. In the end ...

McDonaldland: The Movie by Matthew Jenner

A movie about the fictional kingdom inhabited by McDonalds advertising characters

The Van Hornes by Matthew Jenner

A comedy TV show about 2 famous people and their family who move to the Alaskan town of Quackmattport, where no-one has ever heard of them, and they try to lead normal lives. Characters: The Van Hornes: Chris Van Horn - a 48 year old film producer Linda Van Horn- A 45 year old fashion designer Michael Van Horne- A 9-year old child star Nancy Van Horne - a 16 year old aspiring singer Phillip Van Horne - Chris' younger brother who is running for senate and is the main antagonist of the series Other Characters: Dr. RF Cetra - ...

STORIES OF MR MOC and MR POC by Luis Pescetti

STORIES OF MR MOC and MR POC is a british one-hour comedy-sketch TV show for all the family, about the crazy days of Mr Moc and Mr Poc The show is a great gallery of crazy stories and poetry Moc and Poc were created for a mission. Not exactly the mission of saving a princess, but maybe to get reach the raptor and engage him. Then, given before the logical power of the impeccable gentlemen Moc and Poc, the bewildered keeper will perhaps open the door of the dungeon and the princess will regain her freedom. We explore the program ...

Secret Teens by Nicolas Acosta and Axel Bratosevich

The great adventures of three all-life teen neighbours that join together each time to fight against the bad in the beautiful town of Zenon Hills. When they receive the call of his excentric chief,they put on his special agent suits and go for more action!!!! Brad is the typical school "Ladiesman", that allways tires to get female atention.He is an expert in distraction,planification and is a master of disguise. Neil is the typical adventurer boy. A fan of the adventure tv series,is a daring agent that uses his adquired skills to scape from danger.He also loves sports. Dexter is the ...

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