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They Call Me Trinity by Enzo Barboni

A drifter comes to town where his brother is sheriff. His brother is actually a robber who broke the real sheriff's leg and left his for dead, and became sheriff in order to hide out. They team up against the local land baron who is trying to get rid of the Mormon settlers in a valley he wishes to own...

Tony Ryder: Night Driver by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

TONY RYDER: NIGHT DRIVER is a half-hour improvisational BBC Comedy show. The show centers on the title character, Tony Ryder, A lone Liverpudlian Taxi Driver, as he works from 7PM - 3AM, as he drives across London, transporting Passengers, the various passengers such as Drunk people, Party Girls, Undercover Cops, People on a romantic date and allsorts of characters, are played by 8 performers (4 Men and 4 Women). During each ride, Tony and the Passengers he drives across London, have hilarious conversations about numerous topics (Politics, Sex and Movies etc.), and Tony makes his comments. Most of Tony's conversations ...

Ferris Bueller's Day Off by John Hughes

Ferris is a street-wise kid who knows all the tricks. But on the day of the test, Ferris fake an illness to his parents and takes the day off from school by taking his girlfriend Sloane and his friend Cameron on spening the day in Chicago & stays one step behind from his older sister and the school's Dean of Students who planing on busted Ferris.

Bartholomew vs. Neff by John Hughes (Unproduced Screenplay)

In Honor of the recent Death of John Hughes, i have decided to put an unproduced screenplay of his on here The Film would be about two feuding Neighbors Bartholomew and Neff, played by Sylvester Stalone and John Candy, according to Wikipedia. PS (All other characters besides Bartholomew and Neff are made up by me!)

Mission Earth by L Ron Hubbard

I would love to see this in syndication on Showtime or HBO due to the nature of the content of the story. pulled from Quote: The books are written as the confessions of Soltan Gris, an agent of the CIA on the planet Voltar (the Coordinated Information Apparatus or, more simply, The Apparatus, which is run with an iron hand by its boss, Lombar Hisst), as an exposé. Each book begins with a disclaimer from Lord Invay, the head Censor, denying the very existence of the planet Earth itself and denouncing the story as rankest fiction, despite the inclusion ...

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