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Wally Gator by Hanna Barberra

All Wally Gator wants to do is escape from the zoo to Africa, but when that happens, he just wants to get home with new characters including tubby; wally's hungry friend, Screech and Hong, two comedic monkeys and his love intrest ally Gator

Metal Gear Ben by

Based on the Original Clip of the week from When a Business man bribes the President to ban all Violent video games, its up to Metal gear Ben to get them back, along the way he confronts Hackers, sexy babes, and the #*%in Nerd

Stripes: the animated series by Ivan Reitman

In this animated sequel to the 1981 film, John, Russel, Ox and the entire gang are transfered to the super secret service (only the president knows about it) and fight off the Evil Frank Furter and with all new characters including Rick Moranis-like Double A; the gadget guy, and PJ, the black guy

Strange Brew (2009) by Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas

A remake of the 1983 film Bob & Doug McKenzie, two canadian bums get jobs at Elsinore Brewery, but discover an evil plot from the evil Brewmeister Smith and Claude Elsinore, stepfather of Pam and get into a whole lot of trouble. Beauty Eh!

Pretty Face by Yasuhiro Kano

Pretty Face is a romantic comedy that involves a variety of different characters. The main protagonist is Masashi Rando, a high school student and karate expert who harbors an unconfessed love for a fellow student, Rina Kurimi. One day, while returning home from a karate tournament in Hokkaido, he is involved in a tragic school bus accident and burned beyond recognition. One year later, Masashi awakes from a coma to find that he's been in the care of a talented (yet slightly deranged) surgeon named Jun Manabe. Masashi finds out his disfigured face had been reconstructed in the image of ...

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