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Fight! Iczer-1 by Toshihiro Hirano

Iczer-1 must stop the Cthuwulf invasion of Earth and she finds a partner in the rather reluctant Nagisa, who lost her parents to the Cthuwulf. Even with the power of Iczer Robo, it's anyone's guess if they will survive.

Red Dwarf: A New Beginning by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor (Creators, Based on), Daniel Williamson (Idea)

RED DWARF: A NEW BEGINNING is a reboot of the classic BBC Science Fiction sitcom with a new cast, fresh scripts and updated special effects. ''In Deep Space, where no-one can hear you scream with laughter, a legend is reborn''... The year is 2077 and Curry-obssessed Liverpudlian caretaker Dave Lister is sentenced to 18-months in suspended animation, for smuggling on-board the mining ship ''Red Dwarf'' his pet cat Frankenstine. Lister is revived from suspended animation, only to learn he has been in suspended animation for 3 million years, and the crew have been wiped out in a radioactive disaster, and ...

Perfect Dark by Rare

In the year 2023, a war on two alien races between The Maians, a peachful race and The Skedar, reptile-like extraterrestrials who can disguise themselves as humans, bearing similarities to Nordic aliens who are allance with an evil Corporation called dataDyne.The time is now as The Carrington Institute, founded by Daniel Carrington, is officially an R&D centre but secretly operates an espionage group in league with the Maians with the help of their best agent Joanna Dark codename:Perfect Dark to save the world from dataDyne.

The Persuaders by Robert .S. Baker - New characters by J.D. Taylor

After a cat fight between a member of the aristocracy, Lady Beatrice Sinclair, and an American billionairess, Daniella Wilde, over a hotel suite leads them to be arrested. A retired judge, Desmond Fulton manipulates them to helping him into exposing a Mafia boss who was believed to be dead. Wilde & Sinclair then put aside their differences and form a duo to fight international crime - The Persuaders.

Wonder Woman Claws Of The Cheetah by DC Universe Original Animated Movie

In this sequel to the animated hit movie, Diana is staring to establish herself to her new life as the ambassador of peace and justice in man's world as the amazon princess. But an new enemy called Cheetah with the help renegade amazon is about to become a great threat to all mankind. Wonder Woman must use all of her skills to save not only mankind but her friend Steve Trevor as well.

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