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Radio:The Movie by Matthew Jenner

Now a best selling author, Larry Booker wants to have interviews with famous radio hosts and to turn them into a third book

The Diamond of Baiania by Matthew Jenner

In the kingdom of Baiania the entire town is kept alive by a diamond as big as a person's head. An evil lord steals the diamond and the King of Baiania choose 3 ordinary people to become the heroes and find the diamond in 24 hours or the town will crumble. They are: Tonstan, an aged carpenter who has an acute knowledge of diamonds, Kinjen, a rouge female rebel who has a lot of guts and Visel, a learner wizard. They are aided along the way by Murky, a crazy dwarf, PS-293, a rusty old robot built by Prof. Sungsam. ...

Pinnochio by Matthew Jenner

A live action adaptation of the classic animated film. Though more modern (eg: The Blue Fairy is obsessed with detox and botox) and there is a man dressed as a woman(Dame Pasta LaMasta) Jiminy Cricket, LaFoxy and Pussywillow and The Whale's actors will all be digitally manipulated.

Mad Magazine: The Movie by Matthew Jenner

When Louis Sharp, a boy from a broken home, buys a MAD Magazine from a old newsagent, run by a kind old man named Sello ,with some money he was given by a friend. He finds his parents are getting divorced and he cries and wishes for some help. Magically, Alfred E. Neuman. Spy vs. Spy and other MAD Magazine characters come to his aid and together they help bring Louis to his feet. The 4 Mad Magazine Characters (Neuman,Spy,Spy and Monroe) will be digitally manipulated and inserted, so they look real, but still have a bit of a cartoon ...

Misfile by Chris Hazelton

Misfile is about two teenagers whose lives have been accidentally altered by an underachieving angel, who misfiled their fates. One character, Ash, changes from male to female, while the other, Emily, becomes two years younger and has to relive two years of her life. Both characters (and the angel) remember their past lives, but no one else does.

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