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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (1980's) by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio

To see who would be in Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End if it was made in the 80's

An Average Case of the WRONG PERSON! by Matthew Jenner

Danny Cannon, a worker in the census department, gets two people with almost the exact same name mixed up. One is Lord James Wicker, an English nobleman and heir to the throne, and the other is Jimmy Wicka, an American conman. Not only do they have similar names, they also look the same. Danny realizes this, and he thinks he can fix it. But he discovers that James' opposition, Sir Martin Featherbottom, has hired an assassin to kill James. Mistaking Jimmy for James, they get ready to kill him On the other side of the country, James is mistaken for ...

Pineapple Express (1990s) by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

What if Pineapple Express came out in the 90's

Tropic Thunder (1980) by Ben Stiller

What if Tropic Thunder were made in 1980?

Toy Story 2 (1991) by John Hughes

What if Toy Story 2 came cout in the 1990's with hand-drawn annimation combined with live action?

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