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Couples Retreat (1980s) by Vince Vaughn & Jon Favreau

What if "Couples Retreat" had been made in the 1980s?

Untitled Les Grossman Project by Ben Stiller, Tom Cruise, & Michael Bacall

A comedic biography of renown movie producer Les Grossman.

Modern Bradys by Robin Williams

Mike Brady marries Carol and together there is a family including six kids (three boys, three girls).

Johnny English (1960-70's style) by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade

In an uncertain world, few things are as dependable as the British Secret Service. So when an unthinkable plan to filch the country's beloved Crown Jewels comes to the Service's attention, the best man for the job, the creme de la creme of the organization's super sleuths, Agent Number One is quickly assigned to the case and is quickly dispatched to six feet under. But unfortunately for the B.S.S., virtually every other able member of its esteemed ranks soon joins Agent Number One in the afterworld when the funeral is being bombed! Now there is only one man remaining who ...

A Tribute to Monty Python's The Meaning of Life by Matthew Jenner

6 modern comedians get together to re-create Monty Python's comic masterpiece

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