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Bottom: When Richie met Eddie by Based on ''Bottom'' created by Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson. Daniel Williamson (Idea)

BOTTOM: WHEN RICHIE MET EDDIE is a one-off animated spin-off of the BBC sitcom BOTTOM, which is a prequel. BOTTOM: WHEN RICHIE MET EDDIE chronichles how violent losers Richard ''Richie'' Richard and Edward ''Eddie'' Elizabeth Hitler first got together and when they first moved into thier flat in Hammersmith...

Freddy Vs The Mask by Chuck Russel and Frank Darabont

Freddy Krueger needs to find a new way to torture the kids on Elm Street and decides to go search for the Mask of Loki. But Stanley Ipkiss once again stumbles upon the Mask and will keep it away from the claws of Freddy. If Freddy gets the Mask, all hope is lost.

stardogs by zachary andrew clear

a dog-like humanoid aliens from planet dogina had come to earth because planet dogina had been destroy by cat-like humanoid aliens from planet catina called catbons and now stardogs protect earth from evil catbons

Police Academy 8: The New Mission by Warner Brothers/ Sequel Idea

Lucas Emery is what you call a common juvenile delinquent in the city of Los Angeles. During a attempt to shoplift an electronics store he is apprehended by LAPD. At his trial the judge gives him 2 choices, ether go to jail or join the Police Academy. Lucas decides that the Academy would be better than jail so he picks it. Under the supervision of Commandant Thaddus Harris, his stay at the Police Academy would be an interesting and hilarious experience.

My Simpsons CLUE cast! by Parker Bros.

The Simpsons Clue characters come to the real life!!!!!! I picked: Will Sasso as Rev Green (Homer) I loved him in MadTv Helen Hunt as Mrs Peacock (Marge) She was great in Mad About You Jimmy Bennett as Professor Plum (Bart) Look what he did in Shorts Chloe Moretz as Mrs Scarlett (Lisa) She always is the daughter of the family Paul Giamatti as Colonel Mustard (Krusty) He is a very good actor so he can take this role David Hyde Pierce as Mrs White (Smithers) Is there any reason???

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