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Old Man Logan by Mark Millar

50 years into the future, all the world's superheroes have been destroyed by all the world's supervillains. Only Logan, aka Wolverine, lives. A family man and a farmer, the former mutant has to find a way to make cash to pay off the grandchildren of the Hulk, products of incestuous activity between the Hulk and She-Hulk. The journey takes him and Hawkeye across supervillain-dominated sectors where they must confront Clint Barton's now-villainous daughter, older versions of their own arch-enemies, and a heart-stopping showdown between Logan and the Hulk Gang.

Blade VS. The Punisher (2013) by Based on the Marvel Comics

Vampire hunter Blade, wanted by the NYPD and the FBI, is hunted by vigilante Frank Castle aka The Punisher, when Blade is framed for murdering an investigative journalist along with the killings of innocent people by an evil vampire cult leader known only as Nosferatu...

Guardians of the Galaxy by Arnold Drake and Gene Colan

Superheroes unite in the 31st century to fight the forces of evil, lead by the former superhero known as Justice, aka Vance Astrovik, now going by the alias Major Victory.

Deadpool by Marvel Comics and Madhouse Entertainment

Wolverine. Iron Man. Spider-Man. Now, for the fourth Marvel anime, prepare for something... Fantastic! DEADPOOL: What, you honestly expected those boy scouts to get an anime? From Madhouse Entertainment and Marvel comes the ever-popular Crimson Comedian, the Anti-Hero for Hire, the Merc with the Mouth... DEADPOOL!!! When Wade Wilson contracted cancer, he allowed himself to be used in the Weapon X program in the hopes of finding a cure. The end result gifted him with enhanced abilities, including an outrageous healing factor, but left his body disfigured and his sanity in shambles. He was labeled a failure and tossed into ...

Iron Man (First Series) by Roberto Orci


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