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Doctor Who: The Horns of Nimon by Anthony Read

After colliding with a spaceship, The Doctor, Romana and K-9 learn young natives from a peaceful planet called Aneth are being transported into a great labyrinth called ''The Power Complex'' where the evil bull-like Nimon demands that all his victims who enter The Power Complex are sacrifised so The Nimon can return the Skonnan Empire back to glory. When Romana is taken captive and also chosen for sacrifise, The Doctor and K-9 travel to the heart of the maze so they can rescue Romana and foil The Nimon's evil plan to enslave the universe...

Protect Joseph Patterson by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

PROTECT JOSEPH PATTERSON is a TV movie. Joey Carlson is a former female pro-wrestler, who quit the wrestling buisness in disgrace, when a tragic accident ended her career. Joey is visited by a old friend, FBI agent Dean Becker who asks Joey for a favour. Joey becomes the bodyguard of a Austic boy named Joseph Patterson, who is being stalked by a criminal named Cullen Walls, after Joseph witnessed a crime and Walls has kidnapped Joesph's parents, Joesph was hiding when it happened. Agreeing, Joey, with no experience of looking after children and no knowledge of austisim, hides Joseph in ...

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

A strange alien invasion has taken place on our planet, the invaders have taken over the human race and no one knows about it. These beings called "Souls" implant themselves into human bodies, controlling them, all the while life on earth is still, more or less, normal. Only a handful of "wild" humans who've managed to avoid capture remain and have yet to be dealt with. Among them is a young woman named Melanie Stryder and when she is captured, she is given to a "soul" called Wanderer, who has to overcome the obstacles of taking over a human host ...

The Story of Heracles by Greek Mythology

The story of Heracles (better know as Hercules) begins with his birth. Heracles was the son of the affair Zeus had with the mortal woman Alcmene. Zeus made love to her after disguising himself as her husband, Amphitryon, home early from war (Amphitryon did return later the same night, and Alcmene became pregnant with his son at the same time, a case of superfecundation, where a woman carries twins sired by different fathers). Thus, Heracles' very existence proved at least one of Zeus' many illicit affairs, and Hera often conspired against Zeus' mortal offspring, as revenge for her husband's infidelities. ...

Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet by Douglas Adams

Continuing their quest in search of the Keys to Time. The Doctor, Romana and K-9 travel to the cold planet ''Calufrax'' in search of the second segment to the Key to Time. But the TARDIS accidentally lands on the planet Zanak, which is ruled by the robotic space pirate The Captain. Only to discover Zanak can travel across the galaxy and nobody on Zanak, isn't who they appear to be...

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