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Escape From DC by John Carpenter

It is the year 2017 and the US Government has driven America so far into the ground that Washington DC now hides behind the prison walls of its own making; the mad world leader waging war on his own country! Snake Plissken has been on the run from the US authorities for some years now, the last President to exploit his skills having put a contract on his head after he left the world technologically barren. But hiding south of the Tex-Mex border could only keep him so safe and one day Snake is kidnapped and persuaded to drop into ...

Rogue Trooper by Gerry Finley-Day

The war for Nu Earth fought between the Norts and Southers has reached a critical point. The Southers having genetically engineered a super soldier that can withstand the devastated atmosphere and highly toxic wastes drop the GI's (Genetic Infantrymen) into the Quartz Zone, hoping to turn the tide in their favour but a traitor in the ranks leads to the massacre of the Southers' only hope. All that's left is one lone soldier and with the help of his dead comrades - via memory chip implants removed from their corpses and incorporated into his battle gear - the Rogue Souther, ...

World War Z by Max Brooks

An abridged account of the Zombie War seen through the eyes of the journalist's subjects!

Camilla the Warrior Virgin by From the Roman Mythology

Mini-Series which tells the Roman mythology story of Camilla of the Volsci, daughter of King Metabus, who became the servant of the goddess Diana, who made a promise to King Metabus, that Camilla would become her servant and a warrior virgin, when King Metabus is killed by armed Volsci, when himself and his infant daughter are chased into the wilderness and King Metabus threw Camilla to safety on the other side of the river. And years later, Camilla helps her ally King Turnus of the Rutuli fight Aeneas and the Trojans. And her own death, when Camilla is killed by ...

Hervor by From the Scandinavian folklore

Mini-series which tells the story of Hervor, Viking warrior woman and Shieldmaiden and her Granddaughter, Hervor Juniour, commander of the Gothic fort that was facing the Myrkivor, who was JRR Tolkien's inspiration for the LORD OF THE RINGS character Eowyn. The Mini-series follows Hervor, who is born after her father Angantyr died in a duel against the Swedish hero Hjalmar, which led her to grow up as a slave. Claiming her rightful inheritence, her father's magic sword Tyrfing, which she cast out of her father's grave. Her arrival at the court of King Gudmund of Glaesisvellir, where she was dressed ...

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