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Punisher Versus Predator by Rick Remender

Summer 2011 A man in black sporting the symbol of a white skull across his chest executes his mission; taking back Manhattan from the latest druglord occupying a crack den with forty men at his disposal. Frank Castle knows the art of war all too well, four different martial art styles, deadly with knives, a frightening knowledge of guns and explosives, stealth, personal elimination and a very high pain threshold. He is any and every man's nightmare; street trash, soldier or assassin. Taking back the streets under the cover of darkness, The Punisher takes out the druglord's gang and tortures ...

Boadicea by Dan Ashley

Charting Rome's occupation of the British Isles; after the death of her husband, the tribal king Prasutagus of the Iceni, Queen Boadicea saw her people oppressed, her daughters raped and enslaved and her lands pillaged and ruined by a mighty empire that refused to take no for an answer. Bringing the opposing tribes together, Boadicea wiped out thousands of Rome's best soldiers, slaughtered their people and burned London down to the ground in the name of freedom and revenge. Desperate not to be undermined by the fearless warrior, the remains of Rome's armies in Britain were drawn into one last ...

Escape From DC by John Carpenter

It is the year 2017 and the US Government has driven America so far into the ground that Washington DC now hides behind the prison walls of its own making; the mad world leader waging war on his own country! Snake Plissken has been on the run from the US authorities for some years now, the last President to exploit his skills having put a contract on his head after he left the world technologically barren. But hiding south of the Tex-Mex border could only keep him so safe and one day Snake is kidnapped and persuaded to drop into ...

Rogue Trooper by Gerry Finley-Day

The war for Nu Earth fought between the Norts and Southers has reached a critical point. The Southers having genetically engineered a super soldier that can withstand the devastated atmosphere and highly toxic wastes drop the GI's (Genetic Infantrymen) into the Quartz Zone, hoping to turn the tide in their favour but a traitor in the ranks leads to the massacre of the Southers' only hope. All that's left is one lone soldier and with the help of his dead comrades - via memory chip implants removed from their corpses and incorporated into his battle gear - the Rogue Souther, ...

World War Z by Max Brooks

An abridged account of the Zombie War seen through the eyes of the journalist's subjects!

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