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Bruce Wayne (HBO tv series) by Bob Kane

What if HBO made an adult-themed live-action Batman tv series that lasts six to seven seasons? Season 1 begins with Bruce Wayne's 7th month back in Gotham and his first night out as Batman, and will focus on him trying to build trust with Detective James Gordon. The second season will be loosely based on The Long Halloween storyline and will introduce Harvey Dent and The Joker.In season 3, he takes in Dick Grayson, gets engaged to Vicki Vale, battles mobster Oswald Cobblepot for the first half of the season and for the second half crosses paths with former mentor, ...


Batman gets pulled into a world of demons and personal vendettas while trying to find his childhood friend Dawn Golden whose is involved in all of it.

Aquaman (2018) by DC Comic

What is your pick for these character?

PASSENGER by Tristan Hartup

A young man, sitting alone on a bus at night, looking depressed. Who he is, where he's going, why he's alone and why he's looking depressed is up to you to decide.

The Clinton- Lewinsky Scandal by Linda Tripp

A biopic about the scandals surrounding the Clinton Administration and the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal and the trial of William Jefferson Clinton.

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