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Titles Tagged “Black Comedy”

After Hours by Martin Scorsese

A New Yorker experiences a series of adventures and perils in trying to make his way home from SoHo.

The Lion's Share by J.D. Taylor

Adrian Stapleton, a British billionaire and widower, dies, and he leaves everything to his two daughters - Charlotte(34) & Evelyn(29). However, the announcement of his passing in the obituary column of every national newspaper in the UK leads to the revelation that he is the father of six other daughters and four sons, having made ten women pregnant from clandestine extra-marital affairs, coming to light at his wake. A few hours later, a second will and testament is found by the late man's solicitor, Michael Strand. In it, he promises that one of his childrem will inherit all of his ...

Charley Varrick (early 1960's) by Jim Thomson (based on the novel THE LOOTERS by John Reese)

A small-time thief, Charley Varrick, robs a small bank in a small town in New Mexico. Nothing goes as planned. To begin with, his rather unstable wife, Nadine, panics and starts a shoot-out with the police department that kills two (including Nadine) and injures several. Secondly, when Varrick counts the money, he realizes he's got far too much money for such a small establishment. In short, he's robbed a mob money dump (where the money goes before being laundered). He's now not only on the run from the police (who will eventually have to move on to other cases), but ...

August: Osage County by Tracy Letts

Tracy Letts’ Pulitzer-Prize- and Tony-Award-winning play is one of the great new American dramas. At the Oklahoma farmhouse of the Westons, the patriarch, Beverly, goes missing. The family gathers together at the farmhouse hoping for good news, but, after five days, his body is found in a lake, a presumed suicide. The play takes us through the family’s pain, not just over Beverly’s death, but of living in a very dysfunctional family for many years. Violet, the drug-addicted, brain-addled matriarch, her three daughters, and their families try, unsuccessfully, to work out their problems from the time they arrive hoping to ...

Everything in The Garden (1964) by Elaine May (based on the play by Giles Cooper)

An up-and-coming suburban couple desiring to be even more on the upswing get an opportunity to make the Little Bit Extra that will allow them to compete with their neighbors. Well, the wife does, namely by becoming a discreet and expensive call-girl for a local widow named Mrs. Toothe. Things go swimmingly for a while, then her husband and an old college friend both discover what she's been up to and the former kills the latter lest he tell (not only could it lead to legal trouble, it would be the end of their presence at all of the right ...

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