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Champions: Return to Arms by Ubisoft Entertainment SA

Innoruuk has been destroyed, but the influence of the Prince of Hate persists, and now a new threat gathers. You have been summoned by Firiona View to help stop a new assault upon the Planes of Power. This time there is no army of Hate. This time the attack is more insidious. Hate has infected everything. There is no one you can completely trust. Firiona Vie stands vigilant, and calls up you once more for help. Will you follow her, or take another path of your choosing?

Gun by Randall Jahson

In the lawless land of the 1800s, greed, lust and murder was a way of life and the American badland had no laws. Gunslinger Colton White engages in a showdown between good vs. evil, as he sets out to avenge his father who taught him the way of the moauntin man. Where as Colton sets out for vengeance, he wages wars against corrupt lawmen, a murderous preacher, a renegade army, psycopaths, merciless outlaws and warring tribes. Colton claming the bounties on the heads of wanted criminals and protecting prosistutes, where Colton will uncover secrets and learn a lot more about ...

HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE by Mattel (Based on toy franchise)

Live-action updated series of the clasic 1980's cartoon show with a combination of live-action and computer animation. On the planet Eternia, Prince Adam, son of King Randor discovers the Sword of power,'' The Sword Greyskull''. With the Sword of Greyskull, Prince Adam transforms into the mighty warrior He-Man, where he uses incredible strength to do battle with the evil Skeletor and his army of darkness and vows to defend the secrets of the mysterious Castle Greyskull, the source of He-Man's power from Skeletor in his goal to become Master of the Universe...

The Silent Tower/The Silicon Mage by Barbara Hambly

Computer programmer Joanna Sheraton finds herself kidnapped one night--and taken across the Void into another world, the Empire of Ferryth. She falls into company with Caris, a young warrior, and Antryg Windrose, a renegade wizard, and into the middle of a plot centering around the evil wizard Suraklin, long thought dead. As she and her companions try to discover and thwart Suraklin's schemes, Joanna finds herself torn between her growing attraction to Antryg and her doubts about whether to trust him.

Gen13 by Jim Lee & Brandon Choi

International Operations started "government internship" for gifted youths, taking place in an isolated training facility. Following the manifestation of Caitlin Fairchild's powers, she fled the complex with Roxy Spaulding, Grunge, and Threshold in disguise. They were later joined by Sarah Rainmaker and Burnout. The project was revealed to be a gathering of the gen-active progeny of Team 7. Threshold tricked the group, sans Fairchild, to return to base to help free the other kids, but upon their return they were apprehended for further testing. With the help of Pitt and John Lynch, the kids finally escaped. The group retreated to ...

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