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Deceptive Game by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

DECEPTIVE GAME is a Kiwi TV movie suspense thriller which a updated version of the classic 1998 thriller WILD THINGS. starring Matt Dillon and Denise Richards. DECEPTIVE GAME is set in Auckland, New Zealand. Michael Smythe is a corrupt Auckland police detective who is known for his techniques and methods of enforcing the law and paying off criminals who break the law, without the knowledge of Smythe's honest partner Angela Wright who questions Smythe's actions. Smythe and Wright are both assigned to investigate hansome Medical Doctor Benjaiman Rickett who has been falesly arrested under suspicion of brutally attacking gorgeous model ...

The Lady From Shangai by Sherwood King (Novel) and Orson Welles (Screenplay)

The Lady from Shanghai tells the story of Michael O'Hara , who foils a robbery attempt against a beautiful blonde, Elsa. Elsa and her husband, the famous, handicapped criminal defense attorney Arthur Bannister , are newly arrived in New York City from Shanghai. They are on their way to San Francisco via the Panama Canal. Michael, who is attracted to Elsa, agrees to sign on as an able seaman aboard Bannister's yacht. He meets Bannister's law partner, George Grisby, who is traveling with the married couple. Grisby induces Michael to help Grisby fake his own death for $5,000; Grisby plans ...

Cody Stevenson by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

CODY STEVENSON is a 60-minute American drama TV series. Cody Stevenson is a former undercover Los Angeles policeman now a tough-as-nails private detective working in Miami, Florida. Hired by various clients and sometimes helping the Miami police department, Stevenson uses his skills in police tactics and survellience as he investigates murders, suicides, robberies and missing people and on some occasions, he is hired by clients and the Miami police department to protect people, track down people and solving problems. But sometimes Stevenson has trouble of his own, when he becomes sexually invovled with female clients and femme fatales and gets ...

The Rainmaker by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

The Rainmaker is a TV movie Leo Warner is a lone, unemployed man. Estranged from his family, no job, no girlfriend, Leo struggles with his life and walks alone on the streets. Until one night, he saves a woman named Andrea Foster from a savage gunman who gunned down her boyfriend, he manages to grab his handgun and he kills him in self defence trying to stop him from shooting her. Killing the savage gunman in self defences signals a change in Leo's behaviour, after illegally buying two desert eagle .50 handguns, Leo becomes a vigilante calling himself ''The Rainmaker'', ...

Dark Forces by Everett De Roche (Screenplay ''Harlequin''), Daniel Williamson (Story and Characters)

DARK FORCES is a TV movie remake of the 1980 supernatural thriller HARLEQUIN which starred Robert Powell and David Hemmings. Senator Michael Hemmings is a American politican who is happily married and has a son named Mark who is dying of a terminal illness. After Mark's birthday party, a mysterious man named Robert Crawford appears in the Hemmings household and cures Mark of his illness. Befriending the Hemmings family, the mysterious stranger reveals he has special powers and has the ability of telepathy. Michael fears him, Mark begins developing these special powers himself and Michael's wife Carmen falls in love ...

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