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Stranger In Our House by Wes Craven

The story is about a girl, Rachel Bryant, who lives with her wealthy family in a nice house in the hills of Northern California. After her mother's sister, brother-in-law, and housekeeper die in a horrible car crash, the couple's daughter, Julia comes to live with them. Julia seems a little shy if anything, but as time goes on, she begins to put an alluring spell over everyone she meets, pulling all of Rachel's family and friends away from her. After finding some odd things that belong to Julia (including a human tooth and burnt hair from Rachel's dog Trickle); Rachel ...

Vengeful Vince by Daniel Williamson (Story)

VENGEFUL VINCE is a TV movie. The year is 1990. Vince Thursby is a former Vietnam Veteran haunted by painful memories of the Vietnam War that left him traumatised. Vince returns home to New Orleans to try and make peace with his estranged daughter Melanie. Until Melanie and her boyfriend Joe Mercer are killed by murderous hit-and-run driver named Knuckles, his cocaine-addicted girlfriend Alex, Knuckle's pal, Wheeler and Wheeler's girlfriend Barbie, on a rampage in New Orleans and bullying the innocent. Loosing his rocker, Vince decides to take the law into his hands, as he sets off to get his ...

THE TRACER by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

THE TRACER is a new American Crime Drama television series, in the tradition of THE EQUALIZER. Phoebe Barrie is a former FBI profiler who has retired from the FBI and now runs a private buisness as a freelance private detective known as ''The Tracer''. As ''The Tracer'', Phoebe is hired by clients to track down people that have gone missing or have been kidnapped. With the clients willing to pay her to do the job, Barrie will do the job, and likes to work under police radar and will do whatever it takes to find these people. Armed with a ...

The Spy Who Loved Me by Ian Fleming (Book), Christopher Wood and Richard Maibaum

When a massive underwater craft abducts U.S. and Russian submarines, global tensions are heightened at the brink of war. In order to find the true culprit, James Bond joins forces with beautiful Russian secret agent Anya Amasaova. Together they follow a trail that leads to Karl Stromberg, a powerful shipping magnate who is implementing a horrific scheme for world domination. Bond struggles to foil the plot, but Stromberg has provided him the most leathal adversary: Jaws, a seemingly indestructible steel-toothed giant. Agent 007's adventures takes him to the Egyptian pyramids, under the sea and to a mountaintop ski chase that ...

Dirty Harry by Harry Julian Fink, Rita M. Fink and Dean Riesner

In the year 1971, San Fransico faces the terror of a maniac known as Scorpio- who snipes at innocent victims and demands ransom through notes left at the scene of the crime. Inspector Hally Callahan (known as Dirty Harry by his peers through his reputation handling homicidal cases) is assigned to the case along with his newest partner Inspector Chico Gonzalez to track down Scorpio and stop him. Using humiliation and cat and mouse type of games against Callahan, Scorpio is put to the test with the cop with a attitude...

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