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'Salem's Lot by Stephen King

Ben Mears returned to 'Jerusalem's Lot - a small New England town complete with white clapboard houses, tree-lined streets, and solid church steeples - hoping to write a novel, a novel that just might put to rest what he had witnessed in the old Marsten House when he was a boy. But when he returns, the Marsten House is inhabited by Richard Straker co-owner of the new antique shop. The unseen co-owner Kurt Barlow is, according to Straker, on a buying trip. Ben meets Susan Norton, a young aspiring artist, and they soon are dating. When the occupants of 'sale's ...

Rage by Richard Bachman

The narrator, high school senior Charlie Decker, details his growing rage against the authority figures which populate his world. He finally snaps and hits one of his teachers with a heavy wrench he had taken to carrying in his pocket; after much wrangling and discussion, the incident was dropped and he was allowed to return to school. His mental problems worsen upon return to school and he snaps during a meeting with the school principal. This time, he storms out of the meeting and retrieves a gun from his locker. After setting the contents of the locker on fire, he ...

Time Crime by Daniel Williamson (Original Story)

TIME CRIME is a one-off 90-minute British Science Fiction Drama. Robert Aldred is a 60-year old man who is dying of a terminal illness and has only 3 months left to live. One day, Robert is visited by his 33-year old son Bernard. Robert gives Bernard his diary and asks him to read it when he is alone. That night, Bernard reads his diary and much to his shock, he reads a confession in his father's diary, where Robert confesses he was responsible for the murder of a young woman named Dorothy Parkinson on 10th July 1938, 72 years ago. ...

I Know Who Killed Her by Daniel Williamson (Original story)

I KNOW WHO KILLED HER is a one-off 90 minute British dark Drama. After discovering the dead body of missing fashion model Trish Smith in a park, 3 weeks after she diserpeared. 28-year old journalist Rebecca Lonsdale decides to do her own investigation. Following the trail, Rebecca becomes suspicious of Trish's rival, blonde fashion model Brooke Roberts who was the last person who saw Trish alive before she diserpeared. Finding herself sexually involved with Brooke, Rebecca reads a entry in Brooke's diary which was written on May 17th, the night Brooke last saw Trish, which was at a party at ...

Assassin Fables by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

ASSASSIN FABLES is a one-off 8 part series, each episode of ASSASSIN FABLES is ''8 stories of murder, booze, bullets, samurai swords, silencers and babes'''. Each episode is 2 hours long and is filmed in black and white. The 8 main characters are played by 8 of Hollywood's finest actors. The Theme song is ''In the Air Tonight'' by Phil Collins. Set in Night City, a fictional American city where it is always dark, never daylight. ASSASSIN FABLES is 8 stories about 8 different characters who all have something in common: They are professional assassins. Victor Pistone, a blind hitman ...

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