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ALAN BLADES by Daniel Williamson (Devisor)

ALAN BLADES is a Violent One-Off 12-Part Action TV Serial. Alan Blades is an Intelligent, Paitent and Strong plain-clothes top Policeman of the fictional Las City Police Department (LCPD) who fights crime with his two pistols who soon finds himself on the wrong side of the law, when his team is gunned down in a Drug Bust operation that went wrong and it gets worse - Blade's Superior Officer, corrupt Police Chief Lt. Richard Hardcastle turns Blades into a hunted man and frames Blades for disloyalty and illegally smuggling Drugs into the City and murders Blade's Partner, Hal Ortega in ...

Land of the Giants by Irwin Allen

In this cosmetic spaceship on a flight from New York City to London, Enland became lost in the middle of no where when it passed through a strange mist in the ship's orbit around Earth. It landed into the Paralleded Dimension in time and space in the new Earth, These heroes came from a Far Away Journey from a different world are captain (Steve Burton), co-pilot (Dan) and stewardess (Betty); an arrogant engineer (Mark); a sexy jet-setter (Valerie); a young boy (Barry) and his dog Chipper; and a mysterious rogue known as Commander Fitzhugh. Together they battle the gigantic beings ...

The Castle of Cagliostro (live-action/1960-70's style) by Hayao Miyazaki(animated film)

Master thief Arsene Lupin III and Daisuke Jigen rob a Monaco casino of billions of dollars---in counterfeit money. Lupin and Jigen then head off to the fictional Duchy of Cagliostro to search for the source of these so-called "Goat Bills". After Lupin fails to rescue a damsel in distress, he takes it upon himself to protect her from the evil Count Cagliostro at any cost. Unable to win, even with Jigen, he allies with Zenigata to expose the Count...

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb by Matthew Jenner

U.S. President Merkin Muffley is on the hot line to Moscow with some rather embarrassing news for the Soviet premier: "Hello, Dimitri....I'm fine....Now then, you know how we've always talked about the possibility of something going wrong with the bomb....The bomb, Dimitri. The hydrogen bomb....Well, now, what happened is that, uh, one of our base commanders...he went a little funny in the head....and he went and did a silly thing....He ordered his planes to attack your country." A comedy about an accidental nuclear attack? One that ends with total annihilation, thermonuclear apocalypse? Preposterous! Stanley Kubrick thought otherwise. In the end ...

Mad Max (2014) by Based on the Screenplay by George Miller and James McCausland

Reboot of the MAD MAX film franchise and a reimaginaing of the 1979 film. Australia 2014. The World's economy is low on fuel supplies, crime is out of control and violent gangs rule the Highways and loot Gasoline Supplies and terrorises Innocent people whilst The ''MPF'' (Main Pursuit Force), an Elite Police Force protects and defends the Townspeople from the violent gangs and upholds the law. After a high-speed car chase which ''The Nightrider'' a former violent Motorcycle Gangleader is killed. Top MPF Officer Max Rockatansky retires from the Elite Police Force. But ''The Toecutter'', the Motorcycle Gang's evil new ...

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