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Red Heat by Harry Kleiner, Walter Hill and Troy Kennedy-Martin

Russian cop Ivan Danko arrives in Chicago in the search of a criminal named Viktor Rostavili, who killed Danko's partner and is in America to create a drug pipeline between the U.S. and Russia. Art Ridzik is a insubordinate police officer who is assigned to help Danko. Coincidentally enough, Ridzik's partner is killed by Rostavili's buisness partners. Both cops go about brining Rostavili to justice in their own ways which are not enterly in harmony as the two cops make stereotypical comments about each other's country...

The Running Man by Stephen King (Book), Edward E. de Souza

The year is 2017. The world economy has collapsed. The United States has sealed off it's borders and has become a military controlled police state which controls TV, movies, art, books, communication and censorship. In the police state America has become, criminals have a choice. They can serve their sentences in prison or they can take part in ''The Running Man'' a government owned violent game-show where contestants running for freedom are pursued by ''Stalkers'' wrestler-like bounty hunters. ''The Running Man'' is the top rating show on network TV and Damon Killian, the creator and host is the most popular ...

A Mr. X Thriller by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

A MR. X THRILLER is a new Action Drama television series, each episode of A MR. X THRILLER, is a series of TV movies which are 90 minutes long. Mr. X is a tough and mysterious freelance problem-solver living in the fictional American city Black Harbour. Mr. X specialises in survellience and protection and espionage. Mr. X's job is to help to people that are in trouble for whatever reason and he uses his skills to help solve their problems. Mr. X recieves his assignments through his informant, David Murlough. When it comes to helping people, Mr. X always lives ...

Reflections in a Golden Eye by Gladys Hill and Chapman Mortimer (screenplay and story)

It is a tale of six central characters, their failures, obsessions and darkest desires. Set in a military camp, it tells the story of Captain Weldon Penderton and his wife Leonora. Other central characters are Major Morris Langdon and his sick wife Alison, the Langdon's houseboy Anacleto and a mysterious soldier, Private Williams.

Absolon 2 by Daniel Williamson (Storyline) Based on characters created by Brad Mirman

ABSOLON 2 is a TV movie which is a sequel to the 2003 futuristic thriller starring Christopher Lambert and Kelly Brook. Christopher Scott is a police detective in the year 2013. Scott and his partner Detective Sarah Mirman have been assigned to investigate the murder of respected scientist Donald Burda. In 2009, Burda created a drug that clears the human body of all known viruses and illnesses, that society now depends on to survive. Suspecting, Burda was assassinated, Scott finds himself the target of armed gunmen led by Jon Gomez who are working for a greedy buisnessman named Plommer, unaware ...

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