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Night Child by Andrea Bianchi, Bautista Lacasa and Trevor Preston

A Young Woman named Elsie marries an Older Man soon after his first Wife dies in a mysterious bathtub accident. All is fine until his creepy 12-Year Old Son Marcus returns Home early from School for a undisclosed reason. The cold, precocious Youngster tortures and kills Animals, tells malicious lies to turn his Father against her, spies on them in bed, and for the piece de resistance forces her to strip while he reveals the truth about what really happened to his Mother. So the Question is: Is Marcus the victim of a neurotic Woman's overwought imagination? Or an innocent ...

Blue Velvet (1977) by David Lynch

What if BLUE VELVET was made in 1977 and was never made in 1986? Who would play the Characters and Who would Direct the Film?...

The Dark Knight (1989) by Bob Kane

What if The Dark Knight was made in the 80's?

Bond 23 (2011) by Ian Fleming (Characters), Peter Morgan, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (Screenwriters)

James Bond 007 takes on the Evil Mastermind behind Quantum...

Blue Velvet (2011) by Based on the Screenplay by David Lynch

Reimagining of David's Lynch classic 1986 Thriller. Returning home to the quiet small town of ''Lumberton'' after recieving a Phonecall that his Father suffered a near-fatal Heart Attack and is in intensive-care at the Hospital. University Student Jeffrey Beaumont stumbles upon a Human Ear in a Field after visiting his Father at the Hospital. With Detective John Williams investigating, Jeffrey meets Detective Williams Daughter Sandy and they are both intrigued in the Case and of Jeffrey's discovery of the Human Ear and Jeffrey and Sandy decides to do their own investigation. But their investigation becomes a dark journey as Jeffrey ...

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