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Dollman by David Pabian and Chris Roghair

On the planet Arturos, 100,000 light years from Earth, Brick Bardo, an ultra-tough, rule-bending cop, comes up against his frequent adversary Sprug, a crime kingpin whose body parts have been sucessively blown away by Bardo until now he exists only as a head attatched to an anti-gravity disc. Sprug escapes in a spaceship, hotly pursued by Bardo. They crash on Earth in the South Bronx, where both are now a sixth of their normal size. Bardo falls in love with Debi, a human woman who leads a neighbourhood crusade against gangs, while Sprug forges a alliance with a local drug ...

Heaven by V.C. Andrews

Heaven is a girl in her early teens raised with her half-siblings - her best friend, Tom, her slutty younger sister, Fanny, and needy youngest siblings Keith and Our Jane, in a one-room shack in Appalachia. Her grandmother reveals to Heaven that she is really the daughter of a runaway from a rich Boston family who died giving birth to her. In her early teens, Heaven falls in love with the local rich boy Logan and dreams of a better future and self-sufficient life, but things start to go wrong - Pa stops providing and leaves the kids to fend ...

Eye of the Storm by Jack Higgins

On the eve of the Gulf War of 1991, Saddam Hussein's agent in Europe, Michael Aroun, has hired Sean Dillon, ex-IRA terrorist, to drive Great Britain out of the coalition aligned against him. Dillon's target--none other than the Prime Minister himself. Charles Ferguson of British Intelligence knows that only one man can help him stop Dillon--Martin Brosnan, once Dillon's comrade in the IRA.

Protect Joseph Patterson by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

PROTECT JOSEPH PATTERSON is a TV movie. Joey Carlson is a former female pro-wrestler, who quit the wrestling buisness in disgrace, when a tragic accident ended her career. Joey is visited by a old friend, FBI agent Dean Becker who asks Joey for a favour. Joey becomes the bodyguard of a Austic boy named Joseph Patterson, who is being stalked by a criminal named Cullen Walls, after Joseph witnessed a crime and Walls has kidnapped Joesph's parents, Joesph was hiding when it happened. Agreeing, Joey, with no experience of looking after children and no knowledge of austisim, hides Joseph in ...

Future Crime by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

FUTURE CRIME is a one-off 8-part Sci-fi Drama television series. The year is 2019. Professor Don Atherton is a brilliant computer scientist who has invented a supercomputer called ''Oracle''. The supercomputer has the ability to forsee and make predictions of the future. When ''Oracle'' predicts the assassination of a government offical, the LAPD prevents the assassination and the assassin is gunned down, before he can kill the government offical. But, Oracle makes a shocking prediction and predicts Atherton will murder a man he doesn't know. Learning the crime will take place in 72 hours, Don races against time as he ...

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