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Assassin Fables by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

ASSASSIN FABLES is a one-off 8 part series, each episode of ASSASSIN FABLES is ''8 stories of murder, booze, bullets, samurai swords, silencers and babes'''. Each episode is 2 hours long and is filmed in black and white. The 8 main characters are played by 8 of Hollywood's finest actors. The Theme song is ''In the Air Tonight'' by Phil Collins. Set in Night City, a fictional American city where it is always dark, never daylight. ASSASSIN FABLES is 8 stories about 8 different characters who all have something in common: They are professional assassins. Victor Pistone, a blind hitman ...

Total Impact by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

TOTAL IMPACT is a action drama TV movie. John Steiner is a burnt out former FBI agent who has quit the FBI holding himself responsible for the brutal slayings of his partner Joe Whitney and his family. 3 years later, Steiner is a unemployed alcholic and recently has been divorced. Steiner is visited by a old friend, US marshal Damien Thomas who requires Steiner's help. Steiner is asked to protect Nadia Sandoval, a young woman, whose parents have been murdered by the Russian Mob when she witnessed a crime. Accepting the job believing it is his one shot of redemption, ...

Riverview Falls by Daniel Williamson (Concept)

RIVERVIEW FALLS is a dark and disturbing 3-part mini-series. David Jeffries is a artist in his 70's who has recently recovered from drug addiction who has returned to his hometown, the fictional small town Riverview Falls to visit his twin brother Ben. But to David's horror, he finds Ben dead in his apartment. With police detective Raymond Hopkins investigating the case, David becomes suspicious of Jennifer McFarlane, a beautiful woman who is 20 years younger than David whom had a relationship with Ben and corrupt cop Richard Dern when he witnesses Dern brutally torture a man who is bound and ...

Night of the Living Dead by George A. Romero

Bickering siblings Johnny and Barbra drive to a rural Pennsylvania cemetery to place a cross with flowers on their father's grave. Johnny teases his sister, who is afraid of cemeteries, taunting, "They're coming to get you, Barbra!" A pale-faced man lumbers toward the pair. The man suddenly grabs Barbra, and Johnny rushes to save her. While fighting the man, Johnny is visiously eaten by the man. Barbra then flees in Johnny's car, eventually crashing it. She abandons the car and runs into a nearby farmhouse to hide and soon discovers that others like the man are outside. In a panic ...

Universal Monsters by None

The story of the making of the Universal Monsters!!!

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