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The Towering Inferno by Richard Martin Stern, Thomas N. Scortia, Frank M. Robinson (novels), Stirling Siliphant (screenplay)

A fire chief and an architect join forces to save victims of a burning skyscraper.

Outland by Peter Hyams

Policeman Marshal William T. O'Niel has been trasnferred to the mining outpost located outside on Io, one of Jupiter's moons. And O'Neil is about to have the worst time of his life at the mining outpost, when he is assigned to investigate the violent deaths of miners, only to discover the miners have died of drug overdoses from a lethal drug. As O'Niel sets out to find the drug dealers, he finds himself the target of hired assassins, who have been hired to assassinate O'Niel. With no help from the police force, O'Niel sets out to stand against the drug ...

Gotham's Wonderland by Paul Dini

A Batman movie inspired of the Batman Animated Series episode "Mad as a Hatter" (1992). When a mad scientist with a passion of Alice in Wonderland uses his mind control devices to have his dream girl for his own, Batman must intervene.

The Killers by Anthony Veiller and Ernest Hemingway

In a small New Jersey town, two professional killers named Al and Max show up one night to off a seeming nobody, filling station attendant Pete Lunn. Insurance investigator Jim Reardon checks into the dead man, and finds that Pete was really ex-fighter Ole "Swede" Andersen. Reardon follows a trail into Andersen's past that leads him to an unsolved payroll robbery, an ex-hood named Jim Colfax and his gang, and a woman named Kitty Collins.

War Zone by Daniel Williamson (Story)

WAR ZONE is a TV movie. Jake Triton is a former Iraq war veteran, struggling as a single father to raise his 17-year old daughter Jenny. Jake thought the war was far from over... He was wrong... Benjaiman T. Shannon, who also fought in the Iraq war and the younger brother of Jake's friend Derrick who too fought in the Iraq war, but was killed in action unexpectedly shows up at Jake's doorstep. Benjaiman has a grudge against Jake blaming him for his brother's death. Jake becomes distrustful of Benjaiman and wants him to stay away from him and Jenny. ...

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