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Logan's Run by William F. Nolan (Book)

A television series based on the movie of the same title. It is the 23rd century, the entire planet has been ravaged by a nuclear war leaving the world as a nuclear holocaust. The survivors live within a domed city sealed off from the outside world, where the citizens live in a society where everyday is nothing but pleasure. But there is one catch, due to population control and limited resources, all citizens can live until they are 30 years old. They have a choice, they can either take part in a extermination ceremony called ''Carousel'' where they are promised ...

Epic by Ocean Software Ltd.

The sun is about to go into a supernova and humanity must find a new home. All the population is packed into a huge fleet of ships and they set off for a suitable planet. Unfortunatley the route goes straigh through the territory of a hostile alien race, the Rexxons. The Fleet's only hope is a one man fighter named Epic...

The Second Earth by Alan Phasey and Daniel Williamson (Idea)

THE SECOND EARTH is a 6-part British American Science Fiction mini-series. In the year 2009. A top-secret experiment for the US government involving time travel goes terribly wrong and creates a time rift causing Earth to be split into two. Brilliant British scientist Julian Jones who was working on the experiment is stunned by this turn of Events and comes to the conclusion, the creation of another Earth maybe caused by a miscalculation or a unexplained phenenom. Joined by a crew of astroanuts, Julian travels on-board a space shuttle to the new Earth. But once arriving, Julian finds the new ...

KING ARTHUR OF THE FUTURE by Daniel Williamson (Idea) Based on the legend of King Arthur

KING ARTHUR OF THE FUTURE is a futuristic retelling of the legend of King Arthur. Set in the year 5000. KING ARTHUR OF THE FUTURE is the fable of intergalactic hero and ruler of the galaxy King Arthur, armed with his magic sword Excalibur, Arthur and his loyal band of space warriors The Knights of Justice defends King Arthur's planet, Camelot from the evil witch Morgaine and the evil warlord Mordred who is hell bent of Galactic conquest and vows to destroy King Arthur and steal Excalibur believing King Arthur's magic sword is the key to total power. Also helped ...

Ducky Zurg by Daniel Williamson (Idea and Characters)

DUCKY ZURG is a cartoon series set in the ''2001st and a half century'' and follows the wacky adventures of cosmic adventurer Ducky Zurg and his loyal sidekick Sammy Spacesquirrel, who together travels on-board Ducky's rocketship as they travel across the stars of space and beyond as Ducky uses his wits as he battles the evil Atom the Ant, the evil ruler of the planet Atomsphere who attacks on-board his Baguette shaped battleship ''The Planet Destroyer'' and his loyal but dimwitted sidekick, Barney BullDogstar and Atom the Ant's rival, the beautiful Princess Rabalon who rules the planet Bunsphere and her ...

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