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Last of the Starfighters by Jonathan R. Betuel (Characters), Daniel Williamson (Idea)

LAST OF THE STARFIGHTERS is a exciting and spectacular Sci-fi Action Adventure television series, which is a spin-off of the 1984 film THE LAST STARFIGHTER. Teenager Alex Rogan's life is changed, when he wins in a video game called ''Starfighter'', which becomes reality, when Alex meets the game's eccentric inventor, Centauri, who reveals he is a alien and transports Alex to the planet Rylos. On Rylos, Alex is recruited as a gunner, in a alien force of space fighter pilots called ''The Starfighters'', who defend the frontier, from the Ko-Dan armada, led by Zur, the evil son of Ambassador Enduran, ...

Half-Life by Valve

A big-screen version of Valve's critically acclaimed 'Half-Life' series.

Buzz Lightyear by Andrew Stanton

Buzz Lightyear is an ultimate space ranger hero that must fight against his arch enemy the evil Emperor Zurg, who steals the "Unimind," a device that enables three-eyed aliens to function as a single intellect. The aliens, referred to as "LGMs" the little green men, form the support crew that keep Star Command running, but as individual thinkers, they're inept. Buzz acquires the sidekicks who form Team Lightyear: Booster, an oversize, overeager alien; XR short for "Experimental Ranger", one of the aliens' less successful robot inventions; and the inevitable spunky girl, Princess Mira Nova of the planet Tangeah. Together, this ...

The Last Starfighter by Jonathan R. Betuel

Alex Rogan is a frustrated teenager living in a trailer park. His one joy in life is the videogame 'Starfighter'. When he achieves the game's high-score, a man called Centurai, claiming to be the game's creator, arrives and offers to take Alex for a ride. However Centurai is really an alien and his car, a spaceship and he takes off with Alex to the planet Rylos. There Alex learns that the game was designed to recruit Starfighter pilots that are deseperatly needed to defend the Intergalactic League against the onslaught of the warlord Zur. Alex is sent back when it ...

Galtar and the Golden Lance by Hanna-Barbera

The futuristic world of Hanna-Barbera, Galtar and the Golden Lance was an outer space sword and sorcery affair featuring a light-hearted blonde warrior named Galtar. Searching for the vile Tormack, the despot responsible for the deaths of his parents, Galtar aligned himself with the beautiful princess Goleeta and her fiesty younger brother Zorn. Goleeta and Zorn also had a score to seetle with Tormack, who'd stolen Goleeta's magical golden shield. Tormack in turn coveted Galtar's equally magical double-edged golden lance, for whoever possessed both lance and shield would be all powerful. And both hero and villian had to deal as ...

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