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The 1 Hour Man by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

THE 1 HOUR MAN is a new Science Fiction television series which is across between THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, GROUNDHOG DAY and JUMPER. ''My name is Austin Litchenberg. And i can travel back 1 hour in time for 1 hour only''... Austin Litchenberg has a secret. He has the ability to travel back in time. A few years ago, Austin discovered he had this ability when he witnessed his girlfriend shot dead by a armed robber at a highway cafe and he found himself travelling back 1 hour before the armed robber killed her. Learning he can travel back in time ...

Doctor Who/The hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy : The Time Traveler by based on character created by Sydney Newman, Donald Wilson and Douglas Adams

The Tardis has been painted grey by a depressed robot, the time rotor has turned into a llama named Llary, Rose talk to a suicidal computer and the Doctor Team up with a hitchhiker named Arthur to protect the univers from the army of the Daleks and Krikit.

Spaceballs by Mel Brooks, Thomas Meehan and Ronnie Graham

The planet Spaceball, home planet of the evil Spaceballs is running out of air and the planet's ruler President Skroob has devised a evil scheme, where he plans to steal the air from the atmosphere of the peaceful planet Duridia. But Duridia is surrounded by a defense shield to prevent the Spaceballs from stealing the air. When Druidia's ruler King Roland's beautiful daughter Princess Vespa and her loyal droid Dot Matrix flees from Duridia during her wedding to Prince Valium, the evil commander of the Spaceball fleet, Dark Helmet captures Princess Vespa so King Roland will be forced to give ...

THX 1138 by George Lucas and Walter Murch. George Lucas (Earlier Screenplay)

The human race has been relocated to a underground city located beneath the Earth's surface. In the underground city, the population are entertained by holographic TV which broadcasts sex and violence and robotic police forces enforces the law. In the underground city, society controls all life, all citizens are drugged to control their emotions and their behavior and sex is a crime. Factory worker THX-1138 stops taking the drugs and breaks the law when he finds himself falling in love with his room-mate LUH 3417 and is imprisoned when LUH 3417 is pregnant. Escaping from jail with illegal programmer SEN ...

Outland by Peter Hyams

Policeman Marshal William T. O'Niel has been trasnferred to the mining outpost located outside on Io, one of Jupiter's moons. And O'Neil is about to have the worst time of his life at the mining outpost, when he is assigned to investigate the violent deaths of miners, only to discover the miners have died of drug overdoses from a lethal drug. As O'Niel sets out to find the drug dealers, he finds himself the target of hired assassins, who have been hired to assassinate O'Niel. With no help from the police force, O'Niel sets out to stand against the drug ...

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