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Bad Channels by Charles Band (Story) and Jackson Barr (Screenplay)

A alien lands in a small town and promptly takes over the local radio station. The disk jockey, Dan O'Dare, well known for his publicity stunts, becomes a hostage. The alien uses the radio station and Dan's amused auidence to target and subsequently shrink women for his collection...

The Dark Redemption by Dwight Boniecki and Peter Mether (Screenplay) and George Lucas (Characters)

Set two days before the events of Episode Four in the STAR WARS series of films. Jedi Mara Jade has recieved a copy of the Death Star plans, which she must somehow get to the Rebel Forces. Unfortunately, she is being held prisoner by The Empire, and only two rebel soldiers, Zev and Klaus, can save her. As if breaking into a Imperial prison and getting the plans was hard enough, bounty hunter Boba Fett is also in the neighbourhood to complicate matters...

Romana: New Adventures in Time and Space by Robert Holmes (Character), Daniel Williamson (Idea)

ROMANA: NEW ADVENTURES IN TIME AND SPACE is a new 60-minute BBC Sci-fi Adventure series which is a spin-off series of DOCTOR WHO, which features archive footage from the original series of DOCTOR WHO as flashback sequences. Romanadvoratelundar (Romana for short) is a time lady from the planet Gallifrey. Romana was once the companion of the legendary time lord known as The Doctor, who first joined The Doctor in his travels through time and space, when she was chosen by The White Guardian to assist The Doctor, in his quest to find the six segments of the Key to Time. ...

Doctor Who: The Ribos Operation by Robert Holmes

The Doctor is chosen for a quest by The White Guardian to go in search for the six segments to the Key to Time, that have been scattered throughout the time/space continnum. With the Key to Time, The White Guardian will restore balance to the universe. Joined by a young time lady named Romana, The Doctor, Romana and K-9 Mark 2 begin their quest and arrive at their first destination, the medival Russia-like world Ribos, where a conman named Garron bids to sell Ribos to a exiled tyrant named Graff Vanda K, where Unstoffe, Garron's assistant uncovers Garron's scheme and ...

Teka Gard: Policewoman from the Planet Magneos by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

On the distant planet Magneos, Alien Policewoman Teka Gard is reassigned. The High Council of Magneos sends Gard to the planet Earth. Arriving on Earth in Los Angeles, with little knowledge of human society, Gard adopting the name ''Rebecca Jones'' begins her new assignment. Gard's new assignment is to track down and execute dangerous criminals that have escaped from Magneos and are hiding on Earth and Gard is also assigned to learn about human society and the human race's way of life. But Gard is not alone on Earth, Gard is joined by ''Monitor'' a invisible floating-orb that monitors and ...

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