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The Hayes Files by Hayao Miyazaki and Stuart Beattie, and Joshua Zetumer (developers), Hayao Miyazaki, Andrew Nichols, and Darrell Vickers (creators)

The Hayes Files is TV-series and it is a prequel to The One-Tailed Beast, and about a slacker and his friends and neighbors try to find something that's a mystery.

The Face of Boe by Russell T. Davies (Characters DOCTOR WHO), Bill Strutton (Character: DR. WHO: THE WEB PLANET), Daniel Williamson (Idea)

THE FACE OF BOE is a computer animated spin-off series of DOCTOR WHO which features the alien character The Face of Boe who appeared in ''End of the World'', ''New Earth'' and ''Gridlock'' in the Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant era. The series is set in the 2001st century, as it follows The Face of Boe as he becomes the last of the Boerace, and what led him to meet The Doctor on Platform one, when the Earth was destroyed by the expanding sun and The Face of Boe forsees the prophecy, that he will reveal to The Doctor his ...

Time Crime by Daniel Williamson (Original Story)

TIME CRIME is a one-off 90-minute British Science Fiction Drama. Robert Aldred is a 60-year old man who is dying of a terminal illness and has only 3 months left to live. One day, Robert is visited by his 33-year old son Bernard. Robert gives Bernard his diary and asks him to read it when he is alone. That night, Bernard reads his diary and much to his shock, he reads a confession in his father's diary, where Robert confesses he was responsible for the murder of a young woman named Dorothy Parkinson on 10th July 1938, 72 years ago. ...

Assassin's Creed by Patrice Desilets

The story within Assassin's Creed is set in September 2012 AD. Desmond Miles, a bartender, has been kidnapped by unknown people (Abstergo) prior to the start of the film, is brought to a building belonging to Abstergo Industries, where researchers are working on a project involving a machine called the Animus. The Animus is able to extract memories from the DNA of the user, passed on from descendant to descendant, allowing the user to replay those memories as if he were there himself. Desmond was "chosen" for the project due to his relationship to his ancestor Altaïr Ibn La-Ahad, a ...

MAX THEFT AUTO by Daniel Williamson (Concept) George Miller and Byron Miller (Characters)

MAX THEFT AUTO is a Grand Theft Auto style playstation game based on the MAD MAX film franchise (1979 - 1985) that starred Mel Gibson. In the game, you play Max in the apocalyptic Australia, where you travel to Bartertown, The Crack in the Earth, Jerediah's home, The Gas Refinery, Underworld, Tomorrow Morrow Land, the area where Max discovered The Gyro Captain and his vehicle. Where you get to do side-missions (Fight in Thunderdome, Shovel pig poo in Underworld, Smuggling enough gasoline etc.) Where throughout the game, you get to find hidden water supplies and hidden gasoline supplies. If you ...

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