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Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II by George Lucas (Characters), Justin Chin (Writer)

Sequel to DARK FORCES. Set in the STAR WARS universe and it's events occur after the 2nd trilogy (Episodes IV to VI). Kyle Katarn, a former mercenary, and now an ally of the rebels, discovers that in fact he is a Jedi, and is on a quest to find his lightsaber and learn the techniques of the force. The evil Sith Lord Jarec, who was responsible for the death of Kyle's father, is on a quest of his own, searching for a place called Valley of the Jedi, where his dark powers could be unleashed. Will Kyle be able to ...

Wizard of Wor by Midway Games

In a post-apocalyptic world, one man has ressurected the arcane arts of magic, long thought to be nothing more than a fairy tale. The world grew fearful of the wizard's lust for power so they elected two squadrons of fighters known as Worriors to launch a strike against the wizard and end his reign of terror. The plan was simple: Enter the Wizard's domain through an entrance to his underground dungeon and surprise him. Little did the squadron know that the Wizard enchanted his dungeons with a spell that forced inhabitants to wander through it's corridors forever. Then he populated ...

Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith by George Lucas (Characters), Stephen R. Shaw (Screenplay)

Kyle Katarn from JEDI KNIGHT and DARK FORCES is battling his way onto an asteroid that is being used by the Empire to attack a rebel outpost. Kyle then leaves and forcus shifts to apprentice, Mara Jade, who completes several missions for the rebels before setting out to locate the missing Kyle...

DEATHLANDS by Based on the Books by James Axler. Daniel Williamson (Idea)

Ryan Cawdor, is the one-eyed son of Titus Cawdor, Baron of the Vile ''Front Royale'' in the Deathlands, a desert wasteland that used to be the United States, 100 years after a nuclear war left America in devestation. 20 years ago, Ryan's father was murdered by his evil brother Harvey and his stepmother Rachel, so they could rule Front Royale for themselves and Harvey wounded Ryan. In the Deathlands, Ryan now leads a band of desert scavengers: Krysty Worth, Ryan's red-haired girlfriend, J.B Dix, Weapons Expert, Dean Cawdor, Ryan's son, Jak Laurent, mutant teenager, Dr. Mildred Winona Wyeth, a Doctor ...

Vampirella by Forrest J Ackerman

Vampirella is a half alien half human and half vampire from the the Drakulon,battle evil vampires on earth

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