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SIMONA STARR by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

SIMONA STARR is a Science Fiction Comedy Adventure television series. SIMONA STARR follows the adventures of blonde Intergalactic space adventuress Simona Starr, captain of the rocket ship ''Rocketcar'' who comes from a another galaxy. With help from her sidekick, co-pilot and trusted friend Spacehawk, a bird-like humanoid from Sky City, a floating city from the skies of the planet Kerril. Simona Starr finds herself in allsorts of intergalactic swashbuckling adventures as she fights her evil foes: The evil space pirate, The Brutish half human/half robotic Captain Thoron, his bumbling sidekick, Thungo who works for the cunning space lord Count Aktar, ...

Cybertek by Daniel Williamson (Concept)

CYBERTEK is a sci-fi action comedy series. Los Angeles. The year is 2015. John Woodward is a maverick scientist working for the LAPD. John has invented a machine that can convert human molecules into data allowing people to go inside the computer. John decides to test the machine on himself and he sucessfully enters his computer. But something goes terribly wrong, Jerry ''Microchip'' Lindenmeyer, Woodward's rival, a notorious computer hacker sabotages the experiment and destroys Woodward's machine leaving Woodward trapped inside the computer. Now a fearless interactive computer program code-named ''Cybertek'', Woodward helps the Los Angeles Police Department fight crime. ...

Starslammer: The Escape by Michael Sonye

On the planet Arous, the miner Taura is forced to defend herself against the marauding starship captain Bantor. During their struggle, Taura causes Bantor to loose his hand in a volcanic acid plume. Taura is subsequently sentenced to a term aboard the prisonship Vehemence under the sadistic female warden Exene. She finds life and the other female inmates tough. But then Bantor comes aboard Vehemence, now deranged as a result of loosing his hand, seeking to obtain a mind control process that reduces the prisoners to zombies. His arrival proves to be Taura's chance at escape...

Galaxina by William Sachs

It is the year 3008. Aboard the United Intergalactic Federation police ship Infinity, Sargeant Thor is attracted to shipboard android Galaxina, even though she cannot speak and there are sparks when they kiss. They are ordered on a mission to the planet Alta to obtain the rare Blue Star mineral and settle into cryo sleep for the 27-year journey, leaving Galaxina to tend the ship. Intrigued by Thor's attentions, she reprograms herself and teaches herself to talk to be ready for him when he wakes up...

Robbie Rocketpants by Daniel Williamson (Idea) Rob Grant and Doug Naylor (''Red Dwarf'')

ROBBIE ROCKETPANTS is a computer animated spin-off series of RED DWARF that is in the tradition of science fiction fantasy comic strips such as FLASH GORDON, DAN DARE and BUCK ROGERS. Robbie Rocketpants is a intergalactic hero who comes from Earth in the year 5000, who wears jet-powered rocket pants. Teamed up with his sidekick, Junior Birdman, a humanoid hawkman, Robbie helps the Interplanetary space fleet defend Earth and the galaxy from the evil space queen, Princess Mentha and her army of robots who are hell bent on universal conquest...

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