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Sev'Rance Tann: From the Star Wars Expanded Universe by George Lucas (Universe and Characters)

Sev'Rance Tann was a Chiss Dark Jedi and General in the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Favored by Count Dooku as both a strategist and powerful Force-user, Sev'Rance served often on the front lines in the early days of the Clone Wars...

Woman World by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

On April 21st, 2010. A mysterious virus of unknown origin infected most of the male population in the world. The victims who were infected with this virus fell into a deep coma, 15 hours after exposure to the virus, all oxygen is cut off from the human body, 20 seconds later, victims begin bleeding terminally, followed by death seconds later. Within hours, most of the male population were wiped off the face of the Earth, apart from the female population. The year is now 2025, America along the rest of the world has now become ''Woman World'', where most of ...

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition by Capcom

On a Snowly planet called E.D.N. III a team of rival Snow Pirates led by Luka found Wayne Holden,a young soldier with no memory of his past, only remembering the green eyes killing his father and his named found inside in his father's VS must helped his new friends to face a science enterprise called NEVEC and primary inhabitants named Akrid.

Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity by DC Comics

Clark Kent have always save the world and Metropolis as Superman & Bruce Wayne always protects Gotham City as Batman but went The Dark Knight's nemesis Ra's al Ghul is working with the Man Of Steel's clone Bizarro and a renegade Amazon named Sybil to plan to unleashed a nuclear missile assault.The two heroes are join by Amazon Princess Diana also know as Wonder Woman to stop the three from create global chaos.

The Genderbending of Haruhi Suzumiya by Nagaru Tanigawa (story), Kaisos Erranon (gender-flipping idea)

Basically a gender-flipped version of Nagaru Tanigawa's story, with Kyonko being dragged into a new club by the energetic, 3-D-glasses-wearing title character, Haruki Suzumiya. And that's not all; he unknowingly (for the entire story) gets what he wants within his club: an alien (Yuuki Nagato), a time traveler (Mitsuru Asahina), and an ESPer (Itsuko Koizumi).

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