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The Last Chase by C.R. O'Christopher

The time is the near future. The day has finally arrived when there is no more gas. All cars have been ordered turned into the nearest depot. A deathly silence hangs over the city... even the World Series has been cancelled. Frank Hart is a famous race car driver who can't bring himself to relinquish his 917-10 Porsche, so it's dismantled and hidden in his garage. As he struggles with memories of past glories and secret fears, he becomes a vocal dissenter against the sterile society in which he now exists. Teamed with a young genius, he reassembles the Porsche ...

Iczer Girl Iczelion by Toshihiro Hirano

Kai Nagisa, a normal high school girl who wishes to one day become a professional wrestler (despite having a strong cowardly side), is suddenly approached by a robot known as an Iczel. Iczel urges her to help save the Earth from invading aliens called Geas. The Geas, led by Chaos and Cross, are bent on stripping Earth's resources and then destroying it. (Never mind that an inhabited planet isn’t such a good place to find such resources, since the inhabitants tend to use them all up themselves.) To fight the invaders, Nagisa must merge with Iczel and become a battle-suited ...

Red Dwarf The Animated Series by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor (Creators ''Red Dwarf'') and Daniel Williamson (Idea)

RED DWARF THE ANIMATED SERIES is a computer-animated spin-off series of RED DWARF, which bridges the 9-year gap between the final episode ONLY THE GOOD and the 3-part special BACK TO EARTH. Set between ONLY THE GOOD and BACK TO EARTH, RED DWARF THE ANIMATED SERIES follows the untold adventures of the RED DWARF crew, as Lister, Cat, Kryten and Kochanski return from the Mirror Universe and saves RED DWARF from the Microbe, and Rimmer is brought back by Holly as a hard-light hologram and the crew's search of adventure, women and a really good vindaloo continues....

Tron by Steven Lisberger and Bonnie MacBird

Kevin Flynn is a former employee of the software corporation ENCOM, now running a arcade. Flynn has been trying to hack into ENCOM's mainframe computer to find evidence that ENCOM's senior executive Ed Dillinger stole four video games he created. But Dillinger's supercomputer ''Master Control Program'' foils Flynn's efforts and dictates and controls most of the computer systems. One Night, Flynn's former girlfriend Lora and her boyfriend, ace computer programmer Alan Bradley helps Flynn break into EMCOM to shut down the MCP with Alan's security program ''TRON''. But MCP uses Lora's matter transmission program and converts Flynn into data and ...

The Big O by Kazuyoshi Katayama, Keiichi Sato and Chiaki J. Konaka

Forty years ago, amnesia struck all the inhabitants of Paradigm City and in the decades since, life has gone on, despite the loss of history, the loss of past and the loss of self which has struck each and every inhabitant. Roger Smith is one of these inhabitants. A former member of the Military Police, he now makes his living as a negotiator — a combination of private investigator and professional go-between. It's a job that pays well, as his penthouse home at the top of his private building attests. But when negotiations fail, he has something else to fall ...

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