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The Fly 2 by George Langelann (Characters), Mick Garris, Jim Wheat, Ken Wheat and Frank Darabont

Seth Brundle was a research scientist whose genes were fusued with a housefly in a matter transmission experiment and he transformed into a terrifying mutant creature ''Brundlefly'' and the journalist he fell in love with, Veronica Quaife killed him by blowing out his brains with a shotgun. Veronica has died giving birth to Seth's son Martin. Martin is raised by Seth's evil employer Anton Bartok who requires Martin's help to solve the problem of the Telepods, believing the Telepods are the key for worldwide domination. Growing at a accelerated rate and inheriting his father's mutated genes, Martin finds himself suffering ...

Daeman Agidar by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

DAEMAN AGIDAR is a one-off 9-part Science Fiction television series. Daeman Agidar is a intergalatic warrior who comes from the distant planet Anstar. Daeman's spaceship is badly damaged, when he pursues the evil warlord Manshep, but manages to shoot Manshep down. Both Daeman and Manshep crashes on Earth. Manshep crashes into the labotory of mad scientist Dr. Stan Harlan, Manshep's ship is damaged, Daeman crashes in a American Surburban neighbourhood, but Daeman's ship is destroyed. Stranded on Earth, both Daeman and Manshep discover they are both the size of a toy. Daeman recieves a telepathic message from the high council ...

Dollman by David Pabian and Chris Roghair

On the planet Arturos, 100,000 light years from Earth, Brick Bardo, an ultra-tough, rule-bending cop, comes up against his frequent adversary Sprug, a crime kingpin whose body parts have been sucessively blown away by Bardo until now he exists only as a head attatched to an anti-gravity disc. Sprug escapes in a spaceship, hotly pursued by Bardo. They crash on Earth in the South Bronx, where both are now a sixth of their normal size. Bardo falls in love with Debi, a human woman who leads a neighbourhood crusade against gangs, while Sprug forges a alliance with a local drug ...

The Highwayman by Glen A. Larson and Douglas Heyes

Highwayman was a U.S. Marshall with special status who travelled in a tractor trailer with a detachable helicopter hunting down criminals and even dealing with corrupt law enforcement. Jett also had his own custom truck.

Moonraker by Ian Fleming (Book) and Christopher Wood

James Bond is back for another mission and this time, he is blasting off into space. A spaceship travelling through space is mysterious hijacked and Bond must quickly work out to find out who is behind it all. He starts with the rockets creators, Drax Industries and the man behind the orginisation, Hugo Drax. On his journey he ends up meeting Dr. Holly Goodhead and encounters the metal-toothed Jaws once again...

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