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Behind Celebrity Lines by Mark Young

Two Californian high school friends, Jason and Dane, make a bet that Jason can't become friends with Miley Cyrus, who just moved into town. After awhile, Jason and Miley begin to fall in love. But, when Miley finds out about the bet she believes Jason just used her. Meanwhile, the new member of a paparazzi group called "Pressing Your Buttons" is an ex-serial killer who hasn't changed his way and is planning on making Miley his next victim.

My Summer of Love by Helen Cross (Novel) Pawel Pawlikowski and Michael Wynne

Mona is a young woman who lives with her brother Phil. Phil has become a born-again Christian after serving time in prison and has turned the pub they live into a religious center. Shocked at Phil's change of personailty and wants nothing to with that, Mona befriends Tasmin, a bored student from a rich family. But it becomes more than friendship and they both become lesbian lovers. Despite Phil's objections to her being a lesbian lover, Mona continues her affair with Tasmin who likes manipulating people and their affair has unexpected developments...

The Silent Tower/The Silicon Mage by Barbara Hambly

Computer programmer Joanna Sheraton finds herself kidnapped one night--and taken across the Void into another world, the Empire of Ferryth. She falls into company with Caris, a young warrior, and Antryg Windrose, a renegade wizard, and into the middle of a plot centering around the evil wizard Suraklin, long thought dead. As she and her companions try to discover and thwart Suraklin's schemes, Joanna finds herself torn between her growing attraction to Antryg and her doubts about whether to trust him.

Hana-Kimi by Hisaya Nakajo

When Mizuki Ashiya enrolled at Osaka High, all she wanted was to see Izumi Sano participating in the high jump up close and personal. But Osaka High is an all-boys school, so she disguises herself as a boy to be closer to him. Hana-Kimi chronicles (mostly) her second year at the school.

Blood Brothers by Willy Russell - New Characters & Plot Variations By J.D. Taylor

Two twins from Manchester, Mickey and Eddie, are seperated a few days after they are born. Their current positions in life couldn't be more different. Their mother, Mrs Johnstone, who gave them away when she was still a teenager to a middle-class, recently-married young woman, Mrs Lyons(as it was supposed she couldn't have children - later being proved wrong by her giving birth to Tanya), tries to act as a peacemaker between the two siblings, but relations become even more strained when Eddie is forced to turn Mickey in, after a violent robbery is committed. Mickey's girlfiend, Linda Deepdale, then ...

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