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Party Night by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

PARTY NIGHT is a comedy drama series. Ariel Nolan is a smart, sexy and beautiful Australian Fashion Model and former BIG BROTHER contestant living in Bondi. After recently inheriting $80000 from her recently deceased Aunt and catching her boyfriend in bed with another woman, Ariel decides to quit the Fashion buisness. Moving to Palmerston North, New Zealand, Ariel meets Robina Burton, a drop-dead gorgeous blonde stripper who works part time at a record shop. Learning they've both got something in common (They like to party), Ariel and Robina decide to go into buisness and they open a licensed drug-free dance ...

Cleopatra by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Ranald MacDougall, and Sidney Buchman (screenplay)

Cleopatra chronicles the struggles of Cleopatra VII, the young Queen of Egypt, to resist the imperialist ambitions of Rome.

2 Become 1 by Daniel Williamson (Story) Based on the song by The Spice Girls

2 BECOME 1 is a British romantic drama TV movie. The tagline is ''At a party one night in the city... Two worlds collide, between two strangers who have never met''... It is one night in London, England, Scottish University student Mickey attends a party in a apartment building run by his cousin, entertainment agent Travis and his kiwi fiancee Stacey to celebrate Travis's 45th birthday. At the party, Mickey meets Travis's boss Omar and Rebecca, Stacey's sister, a sucesseful blonde fashion model who is dating Mickey's other cousin Andrew. Mickey sets his eyes on Nina, a beautiful young woman ...

How Can i Tell Him? by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

HOW CAN I TELL HIM is a funny, emotional and predictable British Romantic Comedy Drama TV movie. Geraldine Johnston is a 55-year old former Cockney call-girl now a sucesseful freelance agent living and working in London. Geraldine who has been in the buisness since 1978 is planning to retire and move to Florida so she can find happiness. Sometimes, Geraldine sleeps with her former customers to get some extra money to help her achieve her goal. One day Geraldine meets hansome American dance instructor Seth Hensley who Geraldine makes Seth think she is a talent agent. Finding herself falling-in-love with ...

The King and I by Richard Rogers & Oscar Hammerstein

After the death of her husband, Anna Owens moves from England to Siam with her son Louis to become a teacher for the children of the king of Siam. She finds Siamese customs to be quite different from English ones, which brings her often in conflict with the king. However, after some time they find themselves getting along much better.

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