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How Can i Tell Him? by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

HOW CAN I TELL HIM is a funny, emotional and predictable British Romantic Comedy Drama TV movie. Geraldine Johnston is a 55-year old former Cockney call-girl now a sucesseful freelance agent living and working in London. Geraldine who has been in the buisness since 1978 is planning to retire and move to Florida so she can find happiness. Sometimes, Geraldine sleeps with her former customers to get some extra money to help her achieve her goal. One day Geraldine meets hansome American dance instructor Seth Hensley who Geraldine makes Seth think she is a talent agent. Finding herself falling-in-love with ...

The King and I by Richard Rogers & Oscar Hammerstein

After the death of her husband, Anna Owens moves from England to Siam with her son Louis to become a teacher for the children of the king of Siam. She finds Siamese customs to be quite different from English ones, which brings her often in conflict with the king. However, after some time they find themselves getting along much better.

Can't Do Anything Right by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT is an American Romantic Comedy Drama TV movie. Set in a unnamed snowy American town, Dane Troyer is a unemployed film guru who runs a internet website and still lives at home with his frustrated parents. Unemployed Dane struggles with his his life and makes mistakes and cannot do anything right with life and cooking food is beyond him. One night at a bar, Dane meets Emily Farnsworth, a bookshop owner and a single mother. Thinking Dane is a film critic for the local newspaper, Dane and Emily become friends and Dane and Emily make a ...

A Thousand Miles Across The Street by J.D. Taylor

The Reddington family, who live in Manchester, are as happy as any family can be. All that changes when the father, Gareth, is killed in a car accident. Barbara Smith, the younger sister of his wife, Sheila, provides a home to the widow and her two teenage daughters - Amy(18) and Lauren(16). The only problem is that the home they are being offered is in California, USA. Together, Sheila, Amy and Lauren try to come to terms with their new surroundings and the American culture that they are faced with, one that is so different to the British one they ...

Catherine and Nick by Daniel Williamson (Story)

CATHERINE AND NICK is a Romantic Comedy American British TV movie. Nick Talley is a cocky American exchange student who has been sent to live in London, England for 6 months to study at University, in hoping experiencing life in Britain and getting good grades and keeping him out of trouble might change his behaviour and his attidute towards life. Looking for somewhere to stay until he goes back home to Los Angeles. Nick is invited to stay with working class student Tom McCormack who lives with his single mother Catherine. When Tom goes away with some mates for the ...

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