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Catherine and Nick by Daniel Williamson (Story)

CATHERINE AND NICK is a Romantic Comedy American British TV movie. Nick Talley is a cocky American exchange student who has been sent to live in London, England for 6 months to study at University, in hoping experiencing life in Britain and getting good grades and keeping him out of trouble might change his behaviour and his attidute towards life. Looking for somewhere to stay until he goes back home to Los Angeles. Nick is invited to stay with working class student Tom McCormack who lives with his single mother Catherine. When Tom goes away with some mates for the ...

Lunar Legend Tsukihime by TYPE-MOON

Shiki Tohno is a high school student with the ability to see death-lines. This means that when they're cut, it'll destroy the object that resides within it. However, he receives a special pair of sunglasses that prevent him from seeing them. As he starts his second year in high school, he learns of his father's death, and moves back home. As the story progresses, Shiki starts to learn more about his mysterious past, and gets involved in strange adventures.

Love and Communication by Daniel Williamson (Original story)

LOVE AND COMMUNCATION is a British TV movie. LOVE AND COMMUNICATION is set in a apartment building in surburban London and involves 8 characters: 4 men and 4 women (3 Scottish, 3 British and 2 American) and is about love triangles and love afffairs that all lead up to a emotional impact. Scottish child pyscologist Mary McBeth believes her husband, artist Robert may or may not be having a affair with his brother Angus's girlfriend, beautiful stage actress Jane Lockhart. Handyman Nicholas Johnson is having problems with his relationship with his fiancee sucesseful book editor Tracey Harbinson as they have ...

El Hazard by Hiroki Hayashi

Three high school students and a history teacher are mysteriously transported to the world of El-Hazard, where they must stop a war between the humans and a tribe known as the insectoid Bugrom tribe.

Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz by Winnie Holzman & Stephen Schwartz

Long before Dorothy flew in, two other girls meet in the Land of Oz. Elphaba, born with green skin, is smart, strong-willed and misunderstood. Meanwhile, her college roommate Glinda is beautiful, ambitious and loved by all. However, this Oz is not so pleasant. The Wizard's secret police are everywhere harassing Oz's citizens - especially the animals (which have been threatened with exile). Elphaba is determined to protect the Animals -- even it means fighting against the imposing Wizard, and risking her one chance at romance. In the end, out of guilt and sorrow, she turns into the now infamous "wicked" ...

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