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Boba Fett by George Lucas

Film completely based around Boba Fett

X-Men Days of Future Past (1984) by stan lee bryan singer

what if x men days of future past was made in the 80s

Batman by Dc Comics

All of Batman

The Final Cannonball Run by Brock Yates & Ron Howard

Based on the stories of the Hal Needham & Brock Yates "Cannonball Run" franchise. CEO of Cannonball Run Inc. JJ McClure (Burt Reynolds), retired Cannonball Run racer, finds himself in deep trouble when long time foe, The Sheik (Jamie Farr) returns to America and sneaks his way into buying Cannonball Run Inc. by using Jimmy Blake(Jerry Lewis), brother of deceased race car driver Jamie Blake, and Kyle Fenderbaum (Eddie Murphy), son of deceased scam artist Morris Fenderbaum. JJ becomes 10,000 dollars in the whole by being scammed out by the Sheik. JJ then returns to the racetrack to win the ...

Mayberry by Ron Howard

A Movie about "The Andy Griffith Show". Ernest T Bass is threatening the town and the Darlings have to save the day. Andy Griffith returns to Mayberry with Helen and Opie to end the battle between the Darlings and Ernest T. When all things go hectic between Andy and Ernest, Barney Fife saves the day with the help of the citizens of Mayberry.

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