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Silent Hill 2 by Konami

After receiving a letter of his late wife, from Silent Hill, James Sunderland makes his way through there, without knowing what is really waiting for him. Getting there, he notice that is sinking deeper in the unknown.

ALONE by Tristan Hartup

New York City is attacked by a terrible disease turns people into bloodthirsty zombies spread by airborne droplets among people. To prevent the spread of the virus, armed forces trying to destroy all living creatures in the city. The plot is built around an ordinary man who has a brother and a girlfriend with whom happens to disaster. Nick Holloway has nothing to lose trying to stop the armed forces and stay alive MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong bloody violence and some language.

The Evil Within by Shinji Mikami

Krimson City detective Sebastian Castellanos is called in to investigate some odd happenings in the Beacon Mental Hospital with his partners Joseph Oda and Julie Kidman. However, things take a turn for the insane and strange when the three of them, along with a doctor and one of Beacon's patients, get pulled into a nightmarish dream world where they have to fight for their very survival.

Five Nights at freddy's 2 by Scott Cawthon

The Sequel to the movie

Reunion by J.D. Taylor

A group of one-time school friends hire a former hunting lodge for the weekend to celebrate five years of being in further education. Two days of partying, reconnecting and reminiscing are promised. However, someone who wasn't on the guest list takes it so personally that the individual in question plots their revenge. Sunday becomes very bloody indeed: one-by-one, each partygoer is brutally killed. The guests now have one thing on their minds - who will make it out of the reunion alive...

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