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Grown Ups: The Musical by Adam Sandler

A broadway musical based on the 2010 movie

Beauty and the Beast (live action early 90's) by Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise, and Linda Woolverton

A live action adaption of Disney's Beauty and the Beast made in the 90's.

Club Penguin: Battle of the Penguins by Disney

Meanwhile on at Antarctica When the all the Penguins Come to Play A Rockstar Franky (Roger Craig Smith "Sonic Boom") and DJ Cadence (Tara Strong "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic") Come Along with Good Songs and Good Laughs What Happen Next New Penguin are Coming to Challenge Cadence & the Penguin Band a Battle of the Bands It is to Up Cadence and the Penguin Band vs. Ice Age Kings

Oliver! - 2016 by Lionel Bart, Charles Dickens

Inspired by Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist, Lionel Bart's 1961 London and Broadway musical hit massive fame. A 9-year-old orphan named Oliver Twist falls in with such underworld types as pickpocket Fagin and murderous thief Bill Sykes, and the lovable Nancy. This is a musical set in the 19th century and keeps many entertained. Actors must sing their own roles.

Drop The Bass by 20th Century Fox

Carter, a young ambitious man with dreams to become one of the greatest DJ artists ever, begins to take a better interest in dubstep after attending his best friend's extravagant birthday party. During the party, however - Carter runs into JJ Juice, who is exhausted from all the work he has done in the music industry for years. After helping him back home, JJ offers Carter a chance to learn how to create dubstep music and strive towards greatness in music. However, there is a price to pay as the city Carter moves to is filled with reckless behavior from ...

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