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We Are The Night II: The Black Storm by J.D. Taylor - Based on the characters created by Jan Berger & Dennis Gansel

Although Tom Fenworth is now a vampire, it soon transpires that he is not the only one: Louise's claim that all the male un-dead had been destroyed happens not to be wholly accurate. Guirdane, a four-hundred-and-seventy-six year old vampire, annouces his arrival in Britain with the massacre of people at a student party. With the help of her un-dead associates, Georgina Hathaway, now a Detective Constable, declares war on the parisian blood-sucker, to save Machester's inhabitants from his insatiable hunger.

BREAKING DAWN - PART 2: FIRST LIGHT by Stephenie Meyer - New characters & plot variations by

Three days after Bella's rebirth as a vampire, the Volturri once more descend upon Forks, having been made aware of an allegation that the Cullens allowed the creation of the vampire child. To begin with, Carlisle manages to employ diplomacy with the head of this ancient order. The talks break down when it becomes clear that they aren't willing to negotiate over the destruction of Bella and Renesme. Jane, the Volturri's golden girl, begins to assemble those vampires loyal to the un-dead order. The Cullens realise that they will have to recruit those of their kind loyal to him and ...

BREAKING DAWN - PART 1: SUNSET by Stephenie Meyer - New characters & plot variations by J.D. Taylor

A fortnight after Bella turns eighteen, she and Edward finally tie the knot. The physical consumation of their devotion to one another on their honeymoon leads to Bella becoming pregnant by him, a highly-alarming turn-of-events, as vampires cannot conceive a human child. As time progresses, it becomes apparent that the baby growing inside Bella will prove fatal for her. When the other wolves learn of this development, Jacob finds himself in the position of having to fight the members of his clan, in order to stop them killing both Bella and the child. With her life slipping away, Edward and ...

ECLIPSE by Stephenie Meyer - New characters & plot variations by J.D. Taylor

A secret part of Edward and Bella's engagement, known to only them and the Cullens, is his promise to turn Bella into a vampire after they are married, but not to everyone else. However, during the engagement party, Kayleigh overhears a conversation between her long-time friend and Alice Cullen, and sees the dark-haired foster daughter of Carlisle drinking animal blood from the fridge. What she has witnessed forces Bella and Dr Cullen to come clean about who they really are. At first, Kayliegh finds the information too much to take, but Bella convinces her that this is the truth, and ...

NEW MOON by Stephenie Meyer - New characters & plot variations by J.D. Taylor

Despite her twelve-month stay coming to an end, as Renee and Gary have returned from their global cruise, Bella's love for Edward, which has led to her wanting to become like him, prompts her to decide to stay for another year. However, an incident that occurs during a party that the Cullens are throwing to celebrate Bella's 17th birthday, which leads to the family of vampires fleeing Forks. Without Edward, Bella falls to pieces. Concerned about his daughter's state of mind, Charlie arranges for her best friend, Kayleigh Mitchell, to come over to the USA to keep her company. Kayleigh's ...

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