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Dracula by Bram Stoker

The vampire comes to England to seduce a visitor's fiancée and inflict havoc in the foreign land.

The Great Gatsby (1970s Update) by ConnorJS

An update of F. Scott Fitzgerald's famous novel set in 1970s New York. Other changes would be to utilize Truman Capote's rumored ideas such as Nick being gay and Jordan Baker being a vindictive lesbian. The actor for Jay Gatsby, can also be cast as African American, as it is a theory present by readers of the novel.

Sonic And The Stick Of Truth by Bobby Graham

After moving to the city of South Park, Sonic The Hedgehog makes friends with the Vocaloids and South Park kids and falls in love with Miku Hatsune. After managing to settle in with the city itself, Sonic realizes that his arch-enemy is plotting to use an object called The Stick Of Truth to conquer the world and is forced to take the ultimate action that will change his life forever.

The Real Slim Shady: An Eminem Biopic by unknown

The life of the famous rapper Eminem

GOOD KITTY by Tristan Hartup

It was just another day for Jared Steam. Sitting in the library. He was trying to read a book. Jared always had this way of ignoring the world. He has a massive need to be left alone. then the worst thing in the world happened. In walks a girl. she was cute. Then she walked up and sat next to Jared. She giggles and leans over his book "Whatcha readin?" He sighs and closes the book "Something that I wish to finish." She giggles "Do you like kitties? I like kitties!" She meows and purrs as she rubs her head ...

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