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Invaders by John Tyler, Universal Pictures, Legendary Pictures, and Blumhouse Productions

Lucas Portman is happily married to his beautiful wife Heather and works a well-paid job at a video game retailer. Lucas and Heather are also expecting their first child together. At night, there are strange occurrences, such as people disappearing and animals dead and found in the woods. Other unnatural occurrences include random power-outs, no water coming out of faucets, and houses suddenly moving. Finally, one night, it's revealed that otherworldly beings have come to destroy our planet, and Lucas and Heather end up getting caught in the middle of the aliens' plans to purge humankind into extinction. MPAA Rating: ...

Penny Dreadful by Showtime

What if the tv series penny dreadful was a movie

POWER-MAN by Tristan Hartup & Elliott Hartup

Journalist Michael Ames is at his wit's end, he's going through a harsh divorce and he has a tendency to throw himself into opportunities without thinking twice, and as a result is accused of selling false information. In an effort to turn his life around, he is given the task of interviewing grouchy retired superhero Clifford Hart, publicly known as Power-Man, who not only tells Michael his life story but also reveals the dark hidden secrets about the ideals of superheroes and supervillains. MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong language including some sexual references, violent content and drug abuse. (Taking ...

Primary Objective by John Tyler

Mysterious murders begin plaguing the small town of Lincoln, Illinois. John Crowley, still mourning the loss of his wife and young children in a tragic car accident over a year ago, tries to investigate what's going on. Police advise citizens to stay in their homes to remain safe. As Crowley continues his investigation, he comes across something more horrifying than he can comprehend. He tries to find out the primary objective of it all before he and others face certain doom. MPAA Rating: R for disturbing bloody violence, graphic images, and some language

Gone Girl (2004) by David Fincher

Gone Girl made 10 years earlier.

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it's about the life and the story of the 60s band, The Monkees.


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