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The Wild Thornberrys (Live-action) by Klasky Csupo

The series focuses around a nomadic family of documentary filmmakers known as the Thornberrys, famous for their televised wildlife studies. It primarily centers on the family's younger daughter Eliza and her secret gift to communicate with animals,bestowed upon her after having rescued a shaman masquerading as a trapped wild animal and thus enabling her to talk to the Thornberrys' adopted pet chimpanzee Darwin. Together, the pair frequently venture through the wilderness, befriending endless species of wild animals along the way or making realizations of vital morals through either their experiences or a particular animal species's lifestyle, or simply assisting the ...

Friends:The One with the Reunion by Marta Krauffman and David Crane

Everyone comes together for Erica and Jack's 10th birthday for the first time in 10 years and it turns into an unforgettable weekend,But they are face with a decision to stay together or go back to their new lives. New and minor characters include: Lily Hannigan-Phoebe and Mike's six-year-old daughter who shares the same quirkiness with her mother Mike Hannigan Jr.-Mike and Phoebe's rambunctious eight-year-old son Grace Tribbiani-Joey's mischievous,But big-hearted four-year-old daughter that was adopted from a surrogate Angela Campbell-A 45-year-old woman who moved into Monica and Chandler's apartment and is Joey's love interest Natalie-Angela's hot-headed roommate

Finn by Dana Alienkid

In an Irish immigrants' village in Texas, it appears a abandoned Native baby girl. Finn, a farmer, takes her to the mayor and this man calls a reunion and he says that they must take the baby out to the village and give her to the first Native they'd see. For this expedition, he chooses Finn, as he accepts, but during the travel, they'll find some dangerous things.

Lost in Paris by Dana Alienkid

The story involves a imaginative six-years-old Australian girl who's on holiday in the French capital with her family and she discovers the city's not so romantic as she thought. But she'll live a thousand adventures.

Mayberry by Ron Howard

A Movie about "The Andy Griffith Show". Ernest T Bass is threatening the town and the Darlings have to save the day. Andy Griffith returns to Mayberry with Helen and Opie to end the battle between the Darlings and Ernest T. When all things go hectic between Andy and Ernest, Barney Fife saves the day with the help of the citizens of Mayberry.

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