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Heist movie idea by Quentin Tarantino

My idea for a heist movie

Shoestring: Working From The Shadows by Robert Banks Stewart & Richard Harris - New Plot & New Characters By J.D Taylor

Now owning the Bristol radio station where he once worked, Eddie Shoestring is trying to put his private eye days behind him, but he is persuaded to take one last case by an old acquaintance. However, when his client dies after being stabbed in the heart, Eddie is arrested for his murder. His daughters(from his two failed marriages), Tonya, a Detective Sergeant in the Greater Manchester Police, and Devon, an unemployed, struggling singer-songwriter, come to his aid and look into the possibility of him having been framed. However, the real killer is determined to do whatever it takes to evade ...

DAREDEVIL: BLOOD AND BONE by Marvel, Tristan Hartup

When a series of brutally twisted murders start occurring all over New York with scenes of the crimes marked "Blood and Bone", blind lawyer/vigilante Matt Murdock a.k.a Daredevil begins and tiring and terrifying investigation, and then suddenly becomes more personally involved when comes across and starts trying to protect an old childhood who says she has a possible connection with the murders. (NOTE: This is mainly a idea for a fan film I'm recently thinking about.) Original Characters: Diana Kitchen - Matt Murdock's close childhood friend who had been with him through Matt's accident until his father's murder. Les and ...

REBELS by Tristan Hartup

The story of four seemingly slackers in their early twenties, who by day are a bunch of fun loving wisecracking YouTube gamers, but by night are a well trained, well organised team of gun toting, free running, skilled combative theives, while still maintaining their fun loving wisecracking natures. MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for prolonged frenetic sequences of violence, gunplay and action, drug material and some language Characters: San - the group's straight-to-the-point leader. Vash - San's second in command, the group's loud mouthed, hyperactive demolition/weapons expert. Mig - the group's street smart getaway driver. Dose - the group's tech expert ...

BAD BLOOD by Tristan Hartup

A young businessman who recently travelled to Los Angeles finds both his life and his loved ones threatened by a ruthless Mexican cartel after he saves the daughter of a recently deceased rival crime boss. MPAA Rating R for strong violence, pervasive language, some sexual content/nudity and brief alcohol abuse. Characters: Andrew Beckton - 27 year old lonesome business consultant with infrequent tendency to alcoholism. Jules Bastillo - Daughter of the cartel's rival who watched her whole family die and who Andrew saves and begins to be intimate with. Claudio - No nosense taking cartel head. Eileifr Abraham - Andrew's ...

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