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Crusade by Walon Green

Another contender for the greatest movie never made, this epic was to star Arnold Schwarzenegger as a serf thief who fakes a miracle and is set to lead the First Crusade.

Crash Site: The Last Stand by Open Road Films

An emotionally and mentally traumatized Jason Dartowsky finally escapes his captors with Robert, Jack and Hannah, but suffers from the guilt over losing Savannah, Rachel, and feels betrayed by Edwin, who is revealed to be one of the culprits responsible for crash landing Jason's plane on the island (from the first movie) and affiliating with the men who kept the survivors as prisoners. While trying to regain his sanity, Jason comes across a small band of survivors from another island who have hope over putting an end to those responsible for trapping people on islands and attempting to place Earth ...


Third and final installment of the At World's Revenge trilogy. One year later, a emotionally traumised Scott is trying a happy life under a false identity with his new loving girlfriend Lauren, trying to stay away from anything having to do Jensen Graye and the community. But Graham makes sudden discovery, 1/3 of a shattered extraterrestrial orb that came to earth 65 million years ago and is the source of the Earth's elements becoming sentient, which the discovery lands him under the government's supervision. Scott decides to come out hiding and solve the remaining puzzles to finally confront Graye and ...


Second installment of the At World's Revenge trilogy. One month later, Jensen Graye decides to quite literally summon the armies of hell to eliminate Scott and the rest of the community, as the group go on the run, they struggle to find a way to combat the nearing threat. MPAA Rating: Rated R for some disturbing violent content/bloody images. Returning Characters: Scott - Protagonist, loner and self proclaimed "roughneck trying to find a life". Anna Stomp - Scott's love interest who's now pregnant with his child, former nurse and daughter of the community's leader. Graham Stomp - Secondary Protagonist, Anna's ...

AT WORLD'S REVENGE by Tristan Hartup

First installment of the At World's Revenge trilogy. Trying to outrun a tragic past, roughneck loner Scott comes across a series of very bizarre incidents that lands into a large struggling community that have form a resistance against Jensen Graye, a man who has found a way to summon the elements of the Earth into an army to turn against humans. MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for intense fantasy violence and action throughout, and for some bloody images, sensuality, partial nudity and language. (This is a idea for a trilogy I had for four years, I even wrote some scripts hoping ...

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Another contender for the greatest movie never made, this epic was to star Arnold Schwarzenegger ...

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