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Jurassic World (1990s) by Colin Trevorrow

If Jurassic World was made in the 1990s.

BACK FOR THE FUTURE by Robert Zemeckis & Bob Gale

October 23rd 2015, Marty McFly's rebellious teenage son Mark is on obsessive search to uncover all the secrets of his family's history, his search leads to the presence of a mysterious and very intelligent stranger named Daniel Deckard who claims to be the head of a secret scientific organisation known as "QUAN+UM" dedicated to the sciences of time transportation. One thing after another, Mark finds both his life in danger and the universe thrown out of balance, and there's only one man can help him now. MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for intense sci-fi action including some violence, and language.

Jurassic World 2: The New Beginning (2018) by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver

Three years after the events of Jurassic World, Dr. Henry Wu reopens the InGen Corporation in Palo Alto, California. The corporation is now labeled as a "medicine and genetics testing facilities" and has dropped all dinosaur testing/creating from it's work plan. The InGen Corporation informs the public that "genetic medicines" are being created for the cure of cancer, AIDS, and other incurable chronic diseases. The plant is ran by Dr. Henry Wu (CEO and head Geneticist), Howard S. Phillips (President), and Dr. Christopher Mayson (Head Pharmacist). Owen Grady and Claire Dearing are now married and are living next door to ...

Sleepy Hollow 2: Hessian's Bride by MM13 Productions.

This was a movie that I dreamed up of in my dreams, it was shown in the form of a fake Grindhouse style trailer and it's a supposed sequel to Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow once again with Walken as the Hessian as well as Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci returning. The plot basically involves the Hessian once again rising from his grave to track down a woman who resembles a reincarnated She-Hessian warrioress. Alerting the mystic Nocturnis and Spectral Investigator Talkain to the case. Only my original casting choices allowed.


When his secret identity is accidentally revealed, Derren Crest a.k.a Dark Shield soon discovers a cryptic series of messages that eventually lead him into the hands of a mighty international criminal organisation lead by a rogue military general with a very personal grudge against him. With loved ones in mortal danger, unexpected twists and turns around every corner and the quickly approaching threat of global annihilation, Derren has no choice but to be his absolute A-game and bring an end to this absurd story. MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence throughout, pervasive language and brief sexuality/graphic nudity.

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