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The Huntsman: Winter's War(2006) by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan,Frank Darabont

If the movie was made 10 yrs earlier.Sequel to snow white & the huntsman

A Time to Die Hard by John Mctiernan,Renny Harlin

My Die Hard 6 idea. Rated R for violence,Language

What About Bill? by Disney, Jimmy Bennett & Richard Dreyfuss

From the actors of Poseidon and the sequel of What About Bob? and the director of Black Swan. The story of the bad mood, lonely, hopeless, selfish, and sadly of the 18-year-old orphaned boy, Bill Henderson and the egotistical psychiatrist, Dr. Leo Marvin on vacation of Labor Day. When the unacceptable Bill adopted the other members of Marvin's family, it calm the doctor from the edge. Now, Bill is getting upset and furious of his life. Leo is taking it turn for the worse and help to makes Bill's feeling better. Bill made in anger to suicide by Brooklyn Bridge ...

SWITCH: SECONDARY SEQUENCE (With Plot Variations) by John Silver and Screen Gems

3 months after the body swapping incident, Kyle and Krista are a couple attempting to get on with their lives, avoiding any contact with people who have connections to the now deceased Paul Leonard, who has used them as test subjects to switch their bodies. Now, with Krista working for a high ranking company known as P-CLOE, she discovers that the nightmare isn't over yet - the president who is first conceived to be supportive of proceeding with Leonard's original plans to transport souls from humans into the bodies of different people, but becomes more deadly when the subjects are ...


After his seventeen hour quest for vengeance had ended, Trey Barnes surprisingly survived his detonation but his genetic structure has been altered allowing him to have explosive mêlée. The remaining scientists have recorded the evidence and decide to reconfigure the experiment into creating superterrorists, after learning about this, Trey embarks on another violent and outrageous quest to tie up all loose ends. MPAA Rating: Rated R for sequences of strong violence throughout and some sexuality/nudity. Returning Characters: Trey Barnes - Protagonist, trouble making teenage outcast turned human time-bomb. Doc Blues - Antagonist, government scientist in charge of the experiment. Ellie ...

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