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Disney's Robin Hood 2 by Larry Clemmons (story) & Ken Anderson (character and story conceptions)

A possible sequel to the 1973 animated Disney film featuring the fox bandit who robs from the rich and gives to the poor. This time, featuring two crucial characters from the original folklore that were left out from the predecessor: Will Scarlet, Robin's daring and troublesome (friend/cousin/nephew???) who aids the Merry Men, and Sir Guy of Guisbourne, the cunning nobleman who wants Robin dead and Maid Marian for himself.

Princess of Thieves (2013) by Based on the screenplay by Robin Lerner.

Gwyn, the daughter of Robin Hood, sets out to help Phillip, son and heir of King Richard of Lionheart to take his rightful place as King of England, as well as rescuing her father, whom has been taken captive by Prince John and The Sheriff of Nottingham...

Robin Hood 2: The Hope Of A Nation by J.D. Taylor

Richester's death has changed nothing in Nottinghamshire. Prince John has found someone even more evil than Malcolm to become the next Sheriff of Nottingham - Horace Tyler, the dungeon master in Prince John's castle. With tyranny, cruelty, and oppression being an every day occurrence, Robin Hood and his group of outlaws continue to fight on against the three things that are destroying England, but the continued absence of King Richard places a strain on the good fight they are fighting, and loyalties are starting to be tested in the wake of these trying circumstances.

Robin Hood by J.D. Taylor

The year is 1178. In the town of Clayfield, Edmund Waldley is robbed of his title and driven from the district of Huntingdon, Lincolnshire, of which he is the Earl of, because he is branded a lepur by the inhabitants. His son, Robert is refused acccession to the title and is also driven out by a ruthless merchant by the name of Malcolm Rinchester. Ten years later, Robert is given the title Earl of Littleborough by King Richard The Lionheart in recognition of his military duty to fight the Saracen in the Holy Land. When he returns, he takes up ...

Robin Hood (BBC 1970s) by Dominic Minghella and Foz Allen.

What if the BBC television series of ROBIN HOOD which aired from 2006 - 2009 was made 30 years earlier back in the 1970s? Who would you have cast in the roles?...

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