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Flash Gordon by Alex Raymond - New characters & plot variations by J.D. Taylor

Several strange environmental occurrences have baffled the global scientific community. A NASA astrophysicist named Dr. Hans Zarkov claims that some alien energy weapon is behind the incidents, but he is dismissed from his job. He subsequently flees to the UK. The FBI assign the task of bringing Zarkov back to the US to be sectioned to Agent Jack "Flash" Gordon. He catches up with Zarkov, but the scientist says he has indesputable evidence at his laboratory. Gordon hires a private aircraft to take them there. They are accompanied by a British flight attendant Dale Arden. En route, a funnel-like passage ...

He-Man and Flash Gordon (2013) by Alex Raymond (Comic Strip) and Mattel (Toy Franchise)

He-Man teams up with Flash Gordon to do battle with Ming the Merciless who has invaded Eternia and formed an alliance with Skeletor...

The Adventures of Flash Gordon and He-Man by Based on the Comic Strip created by Alex Raymond and the Toy Franchise created by Mattel. Daniel Williamson (Idea)

THE ADVENTURES OF FLASH GORDON AND HE-MAN is a Cartoon which is a crossover of FLASH GORDON and HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. On the planet Eternia, after a failed atempt to break into Castle Greyskull, the evil Skeletor and his evil henchmen Beastman, Trapjaw, Tri-Klops and Evil-Lyn are sucked into a portal and find themselves on the planet Mongo, where they find themselves prisoners of the planet's evil ruler Emperor Ming the Merciless. Learning they have both share a common goal for conquest, Skeletor and Ming become powerful allies and Skeletor agrees to help Ming in his ...

Flash Gordon by Based on the Comic Strip created by Alex Raymond. Basil Dickey, Ella O'Neill, George Plympton & Frederick Stephani (Screenplay)

The planet Mongo is heading towards Earth on a collision course, creating vast storms in it's wake. One such storm causes a small transcontinental carrying polo player Flash Gordon, son of an astronomer who is observing the nearing collison, to crash. Flash bails out along with fellow passenger Dale Arden and they land in the home of scientist Dr. Zarkov. Zarkov forces them to join him as he launches his homemade rocket to land on Mongo. There they are captured and taken before Ming, the self-styled Emperor of the Universe. Zarkov persuades Ming to stop Mongo's headlong path, but then ...

Flash Gordon: Deifier of Ming by Based on the ''Flash Gordon'' Comic-Strip Created by Alex Raymond. Daniel Williamson (Idea and Initial Storyline)

FLASH GORDON: DEIFIER OF MING is a Graphic-Novel like Sci-fi Fantasy Television Series, based on the FLASH GORDON Comic Strip and is a darker adaptation. The year is 2013. The alien planet Mongo enters the Solar System and goes into orbit around Earth. The arrival of Mongo causes worldwide panic when Mongo's evil ruler, Emperor Ming the Merciless threatens to destroy Earth if the Human Race refuses to accept him as their Master. When their car breaks down, Ex Marine turned Athlete James ''Flash'' Gordon and his Girlfriend Dale Arden stumbles upon the Labotory of Maverick Russian Scientist Dr. Hans ...

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