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Titles Tagged “Dark Comedy”

August:Osage County (Broadway) by Tracy Letts

there are many play of Agust Osage County This Is ANOTHER BUT IN bROADWAY

North Freaks by Dana Alienkid

A story inspired by the movie “Freaks”, but it's about a ten-years-old giant girl called Billie who lives in a sideshow.

Hessian Hex by Monstermaster13 productions

An anthology series based around the Tim Burton version of Sleepy Hollow.

Waxworks by Horrorsoft

Many years ago, a witch named Ixona stole a chicken from an ancestor of the player, who chopped off her hand as punishment for the theft. Ixona retaliated by placing a terrible curse on the ancestor that would take effect whenever twins were born in his family line; one twin would grow up to be good, while the other would become evil. This continues to the present day, and the player's twin brother, Alex, is next in line to inherit the curse. At the start of the game, the player's uncle, Uncle Boris, has died and left them with his ...

Senor and Senorita by by Matt Jenner

Harry Dermer is a German accountant who discovers his wife is having an affair. He leaves the country and moves to The Bronx, a place he has visited several times before. He finds a job at a small school in The Bronx where he teaches Accounting. One night, he leaves the school late and he walks past an alley where he says a group of thugs harrassing a young Hispanic lady. He defends her and forces the thugs away. Harry discovers the young lady is Felicia Vega, a drama graduate struggling to find work anywhere. He discovers she is abused ...

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