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The Amazing World Of Gumball: The Movie (2020) by Ben Bocquelet And Mic Graves

Meet The Watterson's Family Gumball And Darwin Can;t Wait For Summer Vacation To Have Summer Fun New Adventure And New Amazing Friends In Elmore High. Based On Cartoon Network Tv Series


  1. Ben Bocquelet And Mic Graves


  1. Frankie Jonas (voice) ... Gumball Watterson
  2. Jaden Smith (voice) ... Darwin Watterson
  3. Alyson Stoner (voice) ... Anais Watterson
  4. Jerry Stoner (voice) ... Richard Watterson
  5. Eva Mendes (voice) ... Nicole Watterson
  6. Sean Kingston ... Peter Locksmith
  7. China Anne McClain ... Becky
  8. Rihanna (voice) ... Rachael
  9. Kristen Wiig (voice) ... Saucy
  10. Nicolas Cage (voice) ... Principal Brown
  11. Estella Harris (voice) ... Miss Simian
  12. Jason Dolley (voice) ... Rocky
  13. Bob Hoskins (voice) ... Mr. Robinson
  14. Estella Harris (voice) ... Ms. Robinson
  15. David Guetta (voice ... Mr. Small
  16. Lucas Cruikshank (voice) ... Alan
  17. Owen Wilson (voice) ... Lawrence Needlemeyer
  18. Selena Gomez (voice) ... Carmen
  19. Jessica Jarrell (voice) ... Penny
  20. Danielle Monet (voice) ... Tina
  21. Tom Kenny (voice) ... Hector
  22. Ryan Ochoa (voice) ... Anton
  23. Joe Jonas (voice) ... Tobias
  24. Kelly Hu (voice) ... Masami
  25. Frankie Jonas (voice) ... Clayton
  26. Mitchell Musso (voice) ... Jamie
  27. Dee Bradley Baker (voice) ... William
  28. Bradley Steven Perry (voice) ... Idaho
  29. Tom Kenny (voice) ... Banana Joe
  30. Tom Kenny (voice) ... Ocho
  31. Dee Bradley Baker (voice) ... Juke
  32. Grey Deluise (voice) ... Leslie
  33. Joe Jonas ... Keith
  34. Drake Bell ... Lenny
  35. Kel Mitchell (voice) ... Brain
  36. Kenan Thompson ... Mike
  37. Kel Mitchell ... Jason
  38. Estella Harris (voice) ... Granny JoJo
  39. Colby O' Donis ... Gumball Watterson (Furture)
  40. Brandon T. Jackson (voice) ... Darwin Watterson (Furture)
  41. Keke Palmer ... Anais Watterson (Future)
  42. Eva Mendes ... Nicole Watterson (Furture)
  43. Jerry Trainor ... Richard Watterson (Future)

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