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The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger by Stephen King

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed. The Dark Tower series tells us the story of Roland, the last gunslinger in a world that has moved on. He is on a quest for the Dark Tower, and along the way meets the members of his ka-tet, a group bound together by destiny to achieve a common goal. Hard won battles and difficult decisions face this band of unlikely companions as they travel onward, and as the tower gets closer...


  1. J. J. Abrams


  1. Christian Bale ... Roland Deschain of Gilead
  2. Nathan Gamble ... Jake (Age 11)
  3. Michael C. Hall ... Walter O'Dim/The man in black
  4. Freddie Highmore ... Cuthbert Allgood (Age 14)
  5. Michael C. Hall ... Maerlyn/The Ageless Stranger
  6. Logan Lerman ... Young Roland (Age 14)
  7. Ryan Reynolds ... Eddie Dean
  8. Zoe Saldana ... Susannah Dean/Detta Holmes/Odetta Walker
  9. Malcolm McDowell ... Mayor Thorin
  10. Miranda Otto ... Alice
  11. Saoirse Ronan ... Susan
  12. Bruce Willis ... Cort
  13. Spencer Breslin ... Alain Johns (Age 14)
  14. Paul Michael Levesque ... Tick Tock Man
  15. Andy Serkis ... Gasher
  16. Sam Elliott ... Jonas
  17. John Cusack ... Reynolds
  18. Benicio Del Toro ... Depape
  19. Sharon Stone ... Aunt Cordelia
  20. Vincent D'onofrio ... Enrico Balazar
  21. James Gandolfini ... Jack Andoloni
  22. David Ogden Stiers ... Calvin Towers
  23. Martin Landau ... Aaron Deepneau
  24. Lance Henriksen ... Priest Callahan
  25. Willem Dafoe ... Jack Mort (The Pusher)
  26. Michael C. Hall ... Randall Flagg
  27. Robin Williams ... Blaine the Mono (Voice)
  28. Helena Bonham Carter ... Rhea of the Coos
  29. Eric Stoltz ... Elmer Chambers
  30. Brad Dourif ... Ben Slightman, Sr.

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