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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Bat Boy The Musical ... Ruthie Taylor
  2. Bat Boy The Musical ... Mrs. Taylor
  3. BUTTERFLY ... Susie (Greta's little sister)
  4. The Dark Knight Rises (David Fincher's version) ... Younger Talia Al Ghul
  5. The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger ... Susan
  6. Disney's Sleeping Beauty ... Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
  7. Doctor Who The Motion Picture (201?) ... The Companion
  8. Fire Emblem ... Elincia
  9. Go Ask Alice ... Diary Subject
  10. Good Omens ... Pepper (Them)
  11. Guitar Girl ... Molly
  12. Hitchcock ... Shirley McLaine
  13. Lobo ... Teenage Girl
  14. Lolita ... Lolita Haze
  15. Man of Steel (1983) ... Lois Lane
  16. Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games ... Amy Rose
  17. Mario and Sonic at the Olympics ... Amy Rose
  18. My Simpsons CLUE cast! ... Chloe Moretz as Mrs Scarlett
  19. Oliver! ... Nancy
  20. Princess of Darkness ... Lori Driver
  21. Rise of the Guardians (live-action) ... Jack's sister
  22. The Simpsons Adventures: Bartman vs. Sideshow Bob ... Lisa Simpson (The Unstopabble)
  23. The Simpsons Movie 2: Sideshow Bob Returns ... Maggie Simpson
  24. The Simpsons Origins: Ned Flanders ... Lisa Simpson
  25. Sonic Adventure ... Amy Rose
  26. Sonic Adventure 2 ... Amy Rose
  27. Sonic Colors ... Amy Rose
  28. Sonic Free Riders ... Amy Rose
  29. Sonic Heroes ... Amy Rose
  30. Sonic The Hedgehog ... Amy Rose
  31. Sonic the Hedgehog next gen ... Amy Rose
  32. Teen Slasher Flick ... Jannah
  33. Teen Slasher Flick ... Andie
  34. The Terminator ... Nancy
  35. The Terminator ... Sarah Connor (the housewife)

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