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Actor Imaginography

  1. Alice: Madness Returns Live-Action movie cast. ... Cheshire Cat
  2. amazing world of gumball ... hippostromdhdgf
  3. Banjo-Kazooie ... Klungo
  4. batman beginning ... carmine falcone
  5. batman year 1 the villains how they were and how they came to be ... scarecrow
  6. Batman: The New Animated Series ... Prof. Jervis Tetch/The Mad Hatter (voice)
  7. Bone ... Rock Jaw
  8. Captain Planet ... Mal
  9. Crash Bandicoot ... Doctor Neo Cortex
  10. Death Of All Grinches ... Shamoosh's Raccoon Hat
  11. Disney's Robin Hood 2 ... Sir Guy of Guisbourne (wolf)
  12. Indiana Jones (animated series) ... Dr. Marcus Brody
  13. Inspector Gadget ... Dr. Claw
  14. Monster World: Enemies ... Morlock The Dropbear
  15. Power Rangers ... Lord Zedd
  16. Sabriel ... Mogget (Voice)
  17. Scare! ... Narrator
  18. SUPERFRIENDS! ... Sinestro
  19. tom and jerry the movie remake ... fat aunt,s lawyer
  20. TUFF Puppy the Movie ... Z-O (New Character)
  21. THE WIZARD OF OZ (Dreamworks Animation) ... The Winged Monkey #2
  22. Yowie Kingdom ... Ooz

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